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Welcome visitor you can login or create an account. Jow | Premade Iron Palm Jow | Choose 32 ounce or gallon bottles | 强壮的铁棕榈训练医学 Jow | Premade Iron Palm Jow | Choose 32 ounce or gallon bottles   |   强壮的铁棕榈训练医学
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This powerful iron palm jow has been aged for two plus years, and is sold “premade.” On this page it is available in either 32 ounce or one-gallon sized bottles.  The cost for 32 ounce of this jow is $228.99 and the one-gallon bottle is $899.99 ($228.99 + $671.00). Shipping these larger bottles of jow is costly due to the weight of the bottles, and the price must include a $30.00 shipping fee based on its weight.  To purchase your choice click the above "Description” (of what’s available) device to make your selection.


We must say that we are proud of our in-house iron palm conditioning elixir which is a combination of 28 ingredients taken from three of the most highly regarded classical prescriptions (Bak Fu Pai’s Coconut Break, White Crane and the 6th century Buddhist jow Golden Lotus which are famous for their ability to harden the bones—the surface as well as the underlying structures). Apply the prepared jow to the hands, arms, legs and feet. This dit da jow should be applied before and after each workout.  Allow the jow to fully penetrate and remain on the body for 30 minutes prior to washing it off. Note: Smaller sized bottles of this premade jow are available on in 4, 8, or 16 ounce bottles, to purchase the smaller sized bottles use this link: Smaller size premade bottles

This formula is for external application only—do not use internally!

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