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Korean Ginseng–Wild Root Highest Quality

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This


Wild ginseng grown in the deep shaded forests of Korea are more potent and chemically balanced than is cultivated ginseng, and are considerably more expensive. However, the natural growing conditions produce more adaptive constituents that increase the plant’s potency. The effects of authentic Wild Ginseng are no less than incredible; we hope you will give it a try.  Before considering purchasing high quality "wild" ginseng we advise you to read the following:

Guidelines for Choosing Wild Ginsen—A shy plant that tends to grow underneath taller plants, wild Ginseng grows in deep shaded forests and hillsides of northeastern China and in the United States. Ginseng grown in these natural surroundings — free of any agricultural intervention — is more potent and chemically balanced than cultivated Ginseng, and considerably more expensive. The scientific explanation for the phenomenal disparity in potency between wild and cultivated Ginseng roots is that roots, which have experienced hardship created by natural environmental stresses, produce more adaptive constituents that increase the plants potency. Important points to consider before purchasing wild Ginseng are:

  1. Unlike cultivated roots, wild Ginseng is usually sold by individual roots rather than by the pound or catty. The effects of authentic wild Chinese Ginseng are no less than incredible.
  2. One of the most important points for determining authenticity and potency of wild plants are the rootlets, or what the Chinese refer to as “the beard.” This “beard” which is attached and branches off from the main body of the plant contains high levels of ginsenosides and germanium that are critical to the efficacy of the plant.
  3. A time-tested method for determining legitimacy is that every inch or so along the rootlets there should be small nodules that feel like little pearls. In the absence of the all-important rootlet and nodules authenticity is questionable, and it is extremely unlikely that the Ginseng is in fact wild Ginseng.
  4. Another thing that should be carefully examined is the head of the Ginseng root, which can provide a great deal of information about the roots history. It is supposedly, the number of notches on the head that provides information about the age of the root. This is probably true to a degree, but is somewhat inexact and is therefore not a perfect gage. However, the number of notches is a good approximation. Therefore, the more notches the better. Heads with more than twenty notches are premium, and more than forty notches will definitely produce effects that are the basis for the legends that surround this incredible tonic herb.

Now that you are armed with more information—do you feel ready to purchase wild ginseng?  Here at we offer you access to the finest "wild" ginseng sold by the Korean Government, click the below link for more information or to purchase.

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Korean Ginseng Ren Shen |  Wild Grown of Highest Quality | one root  |  野生韩国人参根
This herb kit contains wild grown, Korean Ginseng Ren Shen, of the highest quality, estimated we..
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