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At Last the Mystery of Chinese Herbs is Solved

Having an interest in taking a healthier, natural, more organic approach to health maintenance as part of a holistic lifestyle is only one of several reasons why you owe it to yourself to consider trying Chinese herbal remedies. Modern medicine’s lack of affordability and safety concerns over the side‐effects of Western drugs are probably the two main reasons for the search that is currently under way by average health‐care consumers to find alternative forms of treatment for maintaining their own health as well as the health of their loved ones.

When I was introduced to Chinese herbal medicine over 30 years ago, I immediately recognized the ancient medicine’s capability for satisfying that role. Today more than ever I am convinced of its value to the average person who often lacks basic medical knowledge, and needs a comprehensive affordable means for managing a wide‐range of health issues.

Even though most people have heard of the 5,000 year‐old Chinese medical system, in years past gaining information about how to use Chinese herbs has been difficult for non‐Chinese speaking people, due to the language barrier and the air of mystery that has surrounded the ancient healing art. At last the mystery and confusion surrounding the use of Chinese herbs has been resolved!

Here at, our mission is to de‐mystify this valuable healing art and make it user‐friendly for those who are looking for an alternative to Western chemical drugs by presenting it in an uncomplicated fashion that is easy to understand. On this site you’ll find general illnesses are listed alphabetically A thru Z which should make it easy to find a specific illness and the formulas that can be used to treat it.

While Chinese herbal medicine is capable of treating practically every disease known to man, the list of ailments treated is not all inclusive. Therefore, if a particular ailment is not listed, contact us and we can discuss formulas that are specific to your needs. If you are the least bit concerned about maintaining your own health as well as the health of your loved ones and are looking for a natural effective affordable solution, your search is over. Welcome to where
“We make Chinese herbal medicine easy.”

I wish you the very best of health,

Thomas Richard Joiner,
President and CEO,

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