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Shaolin Tiger Fighting Elixir | Potent Energy Enhancement | Herb Kit | 少林药会让你像老虎一样强大有力​

Shaolin Tiger Fighting Elixir | Potent Energy Enhancement | Herb Kit |  少林药会让你像老虎一样强大有力​
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This extremely powerful sports training prescription is made from “High Grade Chinese Herbs” and is sold in two different forms of use (in dried herb kit, or in powdered herb kit). When ordering choose from—an herb kit (which contains approx. 500 grams and should last about 60 days) or a larger herb kit (which contains approx. 1,000 grams and should last about 120 days); be sure to select how you want your order filled either in dried herb kit, or powdered herb kit, by using the above “description” and “add on” buttons. This is a very potent and affective prescription and we encourage you to try it.

  • How to use? The traditional Chinese form of preparation for this formula is the prepare a medicinal wine (yao jiu); although, when powdered it can effectively be used to make pills, capsules, or simply add the powder to juice or a smoothie and drink like you would a power-shake.
  • What’s the cost?  The 60-day raw herb kit is $175.99, and the cost for a 120-day herb kit is $351.98 ($175.99 + $175.99). Please use the above “description” and “add-on” buttons to make your choice.


How does a Chi Tonic increase strength and endurance—In Chinese medical terms, Chi Tonics are herbal formulas that increase the vital energy, which basically means that they enhance one’s stamina, strength, endurance, and overall vitality, Once you understand their function, or to put it another way—once you understand what Chi Tonics do—it should answer any questions about why these powerful herbal elixirs have been an integral part of martial arts training since they were invented thousands of years ago. Through centuries of use these performance enhancing potions have proven their ability to dramatically improve one’s physical prowess through increased hormone production (testosterone) and improved cardiovascular efficiency. In addition to promoting strength and endurance as well as increasing energy levels, a residual benefit is their well-earned reputation for increasing sexual vitality that is a result of increased hormone production. When the use of Chi Tonics is combined with Taoist Sex Practices it is an ancient method of Yang Shen (nurturing life) that has been practiced by Taoists for thousands of years. Although a majority of the ingredients used in Chi Tonics come from botanical sources, ingredients such as gecko lizard, deer antler, seahorse, and tortoise shell are among the zoological substances (animal-by-products) featured in some of the more exotic prescriptions. These protein rich substances contain high levels of albumins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements that are known to have a powerful effect on the glandular system (the system that’s responsible for producing among other things, the hormone testosterone in the human body).The use of these potent herbal elixirs (Chi Tonics) has been such a common practice in China that they are considered an extension of the daily nutrition of both Karateka and Kung Fu stylists. In addition, to the comparatively small supplemental doses that are taken in tea form and medicinal wine, Chi Tonics are also the basis for a variety of culinary recipes. These include soups and stews that are considered an integral part of a warrior’s diet. It also bears mentioning that these highly coveted herbal concoctions often contain some of Chinese Herbology’s most expensive ingredients. Wild Ginseng and Deer Antler are an example of some of the rare more costly substances. Depending on their quality and availability, these so-called “precious ingredients” have been known to fetch prices that range from generally affordable to as much as tens, hundreds or even thousands of dollars—for specimens of the highest quality. While it is difficult to imagine that any martial artist would not receive noticeable benefits from using Chi Tonics that have been prepared with high quality ingredients, there are several key points that should be taken into consideration by anyone who is considering using these powerful herbal nutriments in order to obtain optimal results… just like with losing weight, bodybuilding, or any other process that improves one’s physical conditioning Chi Tonics should be used on a regular basis for an extended period of time to fully realize their systemic invigorating effects. Obviously, taking a formula for a couple of days or a week is in no way harmful; however, it is an insufficient amount of time to fully realize their proven capability. Although approximately 60-90 days is the recommended period of time to experience the physical changes that are attributed to their use, it might be interesting to note that among Taoists the use of Chinese herbal Chi Tonics is a life-long health practice. It is best to take herbal formulas on an empty stomach which allows them to be quickly absorbed and assimilated by the body, and lastly, herbal tonics should never be taken when you are in the early stages of a cold or flu because you run the risk of driving the virus deeper into the body. Over my years of training I have found one particular prescription to be an exceptional Chi Tonic, and use the Shaolin Tiger Fighting Elixir to provide a training edge. I encourage you to try it in order to experience firsthand the reasons that it has been used by martial-artists for thousands of years, to strengthen their bodies, extend endurance and enhance performance. 

Realistically what can you expect to experience while using the Shaolin Tiger Fighting Elixir? If muscular strength and endurance training is your objective, and you haven’t given any thought to using an herbal formula to enhance your training, perhaps you should.  This formula above all others is truly amazing in how it strengthens the body and increases stamina.  It’s a formula that originates from the Shaolin Temple, and legend has it that its use made a warrior powerful, agile, swift of movement, and capable of fighting like a tiger… hence the name. The Tiger Fighting formula is especially useful when training requires arm and leg strength like for stance work, holding heavy  jars, weighted weapons, for iron mountain Chi Kung, and for advanced level training in Karate and Kung Fu styles. This famed herbal prescription contains 16 herbs, led by heavy doses of high quality Ren Shen and Lu Rong (that’s ginseng and deer antler if you don’t already know); both herbs are renowned for their ability to increase strength and power.  Long term use is recommended.

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