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About Us

What Makes Different than the rest?

At we consider Chinese Herbology to be a sacred art for two important reasons: first because of herb’s incalculable contribution to the health and well-being of mankind, and secondly based on our belief that although in many cases it remains undiscovered, it is through botanical medicine that God has provided the means for curing all human afflictions. Our company has always been guided by this fundamental principle, and is mindful of the deep sense of respect and gratitude that is owed to nature for this magnificent gift.

These core principles profoundly influence the way that we view our mission, as well as the way we handle our products.Our indomitable respect for herbs as well as our customers is foremost in our minds in all of the different phases of preparation of our hand-crafted herbal prescriptions. Is cleanliness next to Godliness? In our opinion it is. We feel that meticulous attention to quality issues handling and sanitation in the preparation of substances that are often consumed or ingested in tea form or medicinal wine is of the utmost importance!

We strive to use herbs of the highest quality in all of our formulas whether they are used for internal consumption or external application. Our herbs could rightfully be described for lack of a better term as “gourmet herbs” of the highest quality that are grown under stringent agricultural conditions free of pesticides and chemicals. Regrettably, our refusal to compromise quality standards means that we can not always be counted on to be the cheapest source available for purchasing Chinese herbal products on the internet.

We understand that for some of you these may not be important issues in your selection of a source for purchasing Chinese herbs. But for those of you who might be considered “picky,” we welcome the comparison with other on-line herb companies, and are confident that once you’ve compared us with our competitors, you will join the ranks of satisfied customers, and we anxiously look forward to having the pleasure of serving you.

You’ve tried the rest now try the best… . 200 Montecito Avenue . Suite 304 . Oakland CA . 94610 

(Phone) 510-451-0945


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