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Dit Da Jow: Premade Jows | Sample Packs

Read a few customer comments:

Christian Whitney says… I want you to know how happy I have been in doing business with you and Thomas over the years.  Sea of Chi is a diamond in the ruff and so very needed in the Martial arts community and the world. Honesty, integrity and sincerity mixed with kindness, benevolence and knowledge is what I feel every time I do business with you.

Iron Fist Dave says… My Sifu, Keith Fanning made a world record of breaking 204 x 1" slate tiles in 54 seconds. We both use your Iron Palm Jow for our hand conditioning. Thank you for this great jow.

Jason Argos says… Both my wife and I - as well as my Xingyi & Taiji students - have used Tiger Exits the Forest with great results. It is a fast acting jow and well worth the price.

John says… The Iron Palm Hand Conditioner is absolutely an excellent and superior jow.

JWeeks says… I bought this formula (Mew Hing’s Clouds in Heaven) in 2005. I just returned to the States after training in Beijing. It's a very good brew. Great all-purpose Jow.


In this section of our website we make available samples of our premade dit da jows in 4 ounce bottles.  These are herbal prescriptions that are used to counteract the inherent negative side-effects of iron palm and hand conditioning and contain ingredients that toughen the skin, harden the bones, and prevent blood clots and bruising.

We offer our customers a wide-variety of dit da jow formulas as well as these premade sample packs to provide everyone the opportunity to test our products without making a large financial commitment. All of the jows in the sample packs are specific to a particular style and are discussed in more detail on the linked page listed below.

A few words of wisdom to consider… all forms of iron palm and hand conditioning are a gradual controlled process; prior to beginning a hand conditioning regimen there have always been basic concepts that need to be considered. Within these principles there are several points that cannot be over emphasized. First and foremost, the student is advised to use herbal medicine (dit da jow) to repair the residual damage associated with all of the different forms of hand conditioning in order to avoid any permanent harm. Secondly, the novice is told to exercise prudence in the amount of training that is undertaken. And lastly, the student is reminded to never forget the wisdom in proceeding slowly.

All of the jows presented in this section are ready-to-use; the formulas are for external application only—do not use internally!

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Premade Dit Da Jow | Sample Packs
To Purchase Premade Dit Da Jow—Sample Packs:   Each of the sample packs available have&..
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