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Martial Training with Hit Medicine

Listen what our customers are saying:

  • Damian Fedorko says…I have known the Joiners for 15 plus years. They have always taken the time to do the best for me and, for that, I am grateful. They have been the most efficient, courteous, customer-oriented, dedicated folks I have met. (I had the pleasure of meeting in San Francisco during an Iron Palm conference in 2003). They are the same on the phone as they are in person; just great people. Always courteous, always humble, and always helpful with his herb knowledge. Thank you.
  • William Metzing, says… I'm glad to find a Kangen mind set when it comes to the True nature of Martial Arts. It is not Martial Art if it does not contain the Art of Healing! "Anyone can hurt someone, it's takes a true Martial Artist to heal someone!" ~ Ancient Proverb
  • Bob Long, says... First off, you can't get two more honest people or caring people than Judy or Thomas. I have been taking several different herbs from them for several years with great results. I trained under Master Feeman Ong and the Green Dragon school under Sifu John Allen for over 30 years, so I know good Chinese products when I see them. There is no better than these. You’re getting the best products from the best people!  It just doesn’t get better than that!

Chinese Herbs and Martial Arts | An Ancient Tradition…


The blind-eye that’s cast on the practice of using herbs as part of training by contemporary martial artists is puzzling when you consider that in generations past, some of martial arts most legendary figures were as renowned for their herbal knowledge as they were for their martial abilities. Unlike our martial ancestors who considered instruction in the use of herbs an important part of advanced training, most contemporary martial arts instructors either marginalize or totally dismiss the importance of teaching the traditional Healing Art, and as a consequence, the great majority of contemporary martial artists — through no fault of their own — lack basic herbal skills. Here at, an important part of our effort to provide excellent service as well as offering the best products of all the different Chinese Herbal Martial Arts resources on the internet is our endeavor to introduce contemporary martial artists to the centuries–old tradition through teaching and sharing information. Our ultimate goal is to encourage the reinstatement of the ancient Healing Art as part of training and assist contemporary martial artists in developing some of the basic herbal skills that our predecessors considered an essential part of their training. Welcome to the Martial Training section of our website, and we hope you enjoy your visit.

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