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We strongly recommend seeing a medical doctor for a comprehensive diagnosis of your symptoms prior to considering self-treatment. For those consumers with a life threatening illness or cancer, we suggest you see a Western medical doctor for treatment prior to considering self-treatment. Chinese medicine can work very well in conjunction with Western medicine, and you may wish to discuss this integrative approach to treatment with your primary care physician.

Shipping Charges

All domestic orders will be shipped within 3 - 7 days (unless powdering is required) via Priority Mail or Express Mail

Domestic Shipping Rates

  Priority Mail    Express Mail
Order Total    Rate Charged  Rate Charged
$0.01    - $24.99   $13.95    $40.00
$25.00 - $49.99  $17.95         $46.00
$50.00 - $74.99  $21.95 $52.00
$75.00 - $124.99       $28.95 $65.00

  Free Shipping on orders totaling over $225.00 *

* Free shipping on orders of $225.00 is applied after any discounts have been applied.  For order amount of $225.00+ there is no charge for shipping via Priority Mail; however, Express Mail Service while available for orders over $225.00 requires payment. Please inquire for price which is based on actual weight of package. To clarify: There is free shipping on raw herb prescriptions purchased in either powdered or raw form, patent formulas (pills or capsules),  dit da jows and liniments once your order exceeds $225.00.  However, we do not apply this discount to individual raw herbs that are sold by the pound, see below for explanation.

International Shipping Rates: Please check with us in regard to the cost of shipment and custom regulations to your country. Regretfully, due to the higher cost of shipping internationally the above mentioned domestic shipping charges do not apply.  Some countries have restrictions on importing Chinese herbs; if you are not aware of your country’s restrictions please contact us prior to purchase.

There is no free shipping available on orders for “Raw Herbs” that are sold by the pound weight! For those who have purchased raw herbs (one pound or more), due to the weight of the merchandise we are unable to apply the discount (received by supplement orders) for free shipping. The raw herb order shipping fee charged will be based on the parcel’s actual weigh. For all large volume raw herb orders (exceeding 8-10 pounds) the actual postage fee will be calculated on receipt of your order and our office staff will advise you via email of the postage fee due.  If you have any questions regarding the discounts available for raw herb orders please contact us.

Volume Discounts Available

On orders over $250.00:   Refer to Coupon # at check out:
5% off an order over $250.00  Coupon: $250-5%
10% off an order over $500.00      Coupon: $500-10%
15% off an order over $750.00 Coupon: $750-15%

20% Discount is available on all first time orders! Refer to Coupon # at check out: FTB20%

Powdering Herbs  There is a $10.00 powdering fee for any prescription or raw herb (sold by the pound) that you wish to have powdered. This fee will be applied at check-out when the powdering fee box has been checked. Note: Having an herb powdered involves a longer processing time and may require 2-3 additional processing days to be added to your order.

Do we have Capsules?  00-size capsules are available for those who wish to make their own capsules using powdered herbs. The costs are: 500 capsules item # 00-500 $15.00, 1,000 capsules item # 00-1000 $30.00.

Sulfur Dioxide in Chinese herbs  Although the great majority of our herbs are 100% chemical-free, some of the herbs (from fruit-sources) are routinely treated with sulfur by some wholesales, similar to how the dried fruits you’d find in local Supermarkets have been treated. This industry-wide practice with fruit-based herbs is done to avoid clumping and sticking which is caused by their sugar content, which makes the drying process difficult. Clumping is particularly an issue with fruit-based herbs that are powdered. If you are sensitive to sulfur, please let us know, and we will take extra measures to insure that when these fruit based herbs are an ingredient in your formula that a sulfur-free substitute is used.

How do we figure out what to charge for a formula?  The amount we charge for raw herb formulas will vary depending upon the number of ingredients and their cost. Some ingredients are more expensive than others because they are considered precious herbs, such as: ginseng, deer antler, etc. The added cost for such ingredients is out of necessity reflected in the price of our formulas.

What do I do when an herb I want isn't listed on the site?  Due to space limitations we are unable to mention all of the herbal treatments available. If you cannot find information on a specific illness or herbal formula contact us.

Refund Policy    As raw herb formulas/prescriptions are prepared uniquely for each order (at the time of purchase to insure they contain only the freshest herbs) they are perishable and are non-refundable. However, raw herbs purchased by the pound, as long as the package is unopened and undamaged can be returned, and all unopened/undamaged patent formulas can be returned for a full refund, replacement, or credit. The shipping fee cannot be refunded. Refunds must be received back at within 30 days of original purchase.

How long should I take a formula?  A majority of the formulas on this website are prescribed for short-term use as first aid medicine; however, some of the formulas require long-term use to experience the desired effects. In some cases those formulas are noted accordingly; if in doubt please call us. In general once a raw herb formula has been decocted it will last for approximately 2 weeks, patent formulas last approx. 8 days.

Why is there no free shipping on Raw Herbs Sold by the Pound Weight?  For those who have purchased raw herb (a pound or more), due to the weight of the merchandise certain discounts do not apply, such as: free shipping and the above shipping charges. The shipping fee on raw herb orders is based on the parcel’s actual weight. If you have any questions regarding the discounts available for raw herb orders please contact us.

Will you fill my raw herb prescription?  Yes, we can.  Send us a  a copy of the prescription via email (to:, and we will quote a price.

The statements made on the website have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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The statements made have not been evaluated by FDA. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.