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Training Formulas: Potent Seasonal Training Wines

Listen what our customers are saying:

  • Pauley says… Been drinking this Chun Jiu medicine wine for two years; my training has definitely gone to new levels. Excellent choice.
  • Sifu Thomas says… This Chun Jiu is one potent yao jiu. I've been enjoying it for 3 years and am in the best shape that I’ve ever been.
  • Matt says… I have used this Dong Chun Jiu for about five winters in a row. I used to be sick a lot in the winter, and was very "fearful" of being cold. The cold rarely bothers me anymore, and I haven't been sick; at all, in the past three years. While my improved health is due to a number of positive life style changes, I think this formula has played an important role.


季节性训练葡萄酒 终极训练药

When birds start chirping, blossoms start blossoming, and suddenly the bugs start showing up, it’s a sure sign of spring! Experienced martial artists know that in order to stay on top of your game some things are obvious… like needing to work your butt off at your art for a couple of hours at least 5-6 days a week, as well as the not so obvious, things like paying attention to subtle seasonal changes and making appropriate adjustments in one’s diet, as well as important changes in their choice of herbal training supplements in order to increase strength and energy (Chi), to build the immune system,  and minimize the impact of environmental elements on the body (such as colds during the winter and overheating or dehydration during the summer, etc.).Training formulas designed for use during specific times of the year (like the four seasons) have been a longstanding practice in Chinese Kung Fu. Although these potent “Seasonal Training Wines” as they’re familiarly known, are useful for practitioners who train in all of the different styles of martial arts or any athlete whose workout exposes them to harsh environmental conditions, they have gained greatest favor among martial artist who train outdoors and are more susceptible to the effects of seasonal environmental elements such as practitioners of arts like Tai Chi and Chi Kung. These are extremely effective medicinal wines; well known for their ability to strengthen the body and increase stamina, these training formulas must be prepared traditionally in the Jiu method (made into a medicinal wine by adding alcohol to the herbs and aging the brew for 90-365 days). Note: Due to the effects from these unique herbal prescriptions, the Fall-Winter wine should be used for training during the Fall and Winter months, while the Spring-Summer wine should be used during the Spring and Summer months.

It is "highly" recommended that these formulas are used over extended periods of time to experience the desired effects.

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