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Herb Processing

How to Prepare Chinese Herbal Prescriptions

All of the herbal formulas sold by come in either two basic forms:

  1. in the raw form, which requires the dried Chinese herbs be decocted (or made into a tea), or cured in an alcohol solution (made into a medicinal wine or jiu), or powdered which will allow you to put the powder into 00-sized capsules or you may add the powder to your favorite juice or smoothie and drink it that way.
  2. patent formulas, which have been imported from China, these formulas are commercially prepared dried herbs in pill form, tablets, salves, syrups, herbal oils or ointments.

All purchase orders will contain instructions on how to prepare the raw herb formula into an herbal tea (decoction), or make a medicinal wine, and/or how to use the powdered herbs. We will supply a list of herbal ingredients plus instructions on traditionally recommended dosage. If you’d like to review our standard prescription processing instructions, please click on the below links for how:

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