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Training Formulas: How to Increase Chi (Energy) Tonics

Listen what our customers are saying:

  • Barbara Norris says… Been using Huang Di elixir for many years; keeps my energy up so I can train hard.
  • R. Cannon says… Playing aggressive semipro ball I will easily sweat out 1-2 liters of fluid daily; I drink super electrolytes to avoid low blood sodium and extreme energy loss. The electrolytes help with re-hydration, but I depend on this Tiger Fighting powder to increase my energy levels. Drink this twice daily and find it a tremendous energy boost.
  • Adam Huffman says… Exhaustion after working out, fighting, training, or exercising in general can be very real. I find drinking a juice smoothie made with this Tai Chi Tea powder revitalizes me and gets me ready for the rest of my day. It's a very good product.
  • Beth Kelsey says… Thanks for your speedy service. My husband and I are both enjoying the preparations that you sent. I have been extremely impressed with the Ba Zhen Tang, thanks so much for the recommendation.

Our Training Formulas/Chi Tonics Increase Strength, Vitality and Extend Endurance


Training Formulas are prescriptions used to increase the vital energy (Chi). Little does it matter whether it’s called Ki, Chi, Qi, or Prana; they all refer to the vital energy that flows through our bodies. It’s the concept of cultivating, replenishing, and circulating this universal life-force that is at the root of all of the different forms of martial arts. In traditional Chinese medicine and the Healing Arts prescriptions that are used to increase the vital energy (Chi) are called Chi Tonics.  A question that we’re often asked by people in general and especially martial artists when they’re first introduced to Chinese Herbology is what exactly are Chi Tonics?  The simplest way to answer this frequently asked question is by explaining what Chi Tonics do. Chi Tonics are herbal formulas that are well known for their extensive use in some of the most highly regarded Taoist Longevity prescriptions and Martial Arts Training formulas because they increase strength and vitality and extend endurance. They have always been popular among martial artists because of their proven ability to enhance training by increasing the vital essence (hormone production). The increase in testosterone production that is attributed to their use invigorates the body and increases energy levels. In addition to promoting strength and endurance, these herbal potions are also well known for their ability to increase sexual vitality and strengthen over all sexual functioning. Among Taoists, Chi Tonics are considered to be supreme elixirs because of their contribution to life extension, martial performance and the art of the bedchamber. In addition to improving power and endurance the increase in sexual energy that occurs when Chi Tonics are consumed on a regular basis over a prolonged period of time is a residual benefit that provides martial artists with the raw material that is needed to perform the internal method commonly referred to as “Circulating the Chi.” Although decocting Chi Tonic formulas (which is another term for making them into tea) is not unheard of, traditionally the preferred method of preparation has always been medicinal wine. The primary reason for this is that the stimulating nature of the herbal ingredients is reinforced by alcohol. Chi Tonic formulas can consist of a single ingredient or as many as 50 different herbs. The norm, however, is in the range of 1-15. Chi Tonics can also be more costly when compared to other herbal formulas. This is due to their inclusion of some of the precious Zoological ingredients which generally speaking are more expensive than Botanical substances. Normally, the cost of a formula is influenced by three things: the quality of the herbs used to prepare the formula, whether or not the formula contains Zoological substances, and the number of ingredients in the formula. While it is difficult to imagine that any martial artist who conforms to traditional guidelines and uses high quality ingredients would not experience  measurable benefits to their energy level and over-all vitality, there are several key points that should be taken into account by anyone considering using these herbal nutrients in order to obtain maximum results.  Similar to losing weight, body building, or any other process that improve one’s physical condition, Chi Tonics require use over an extended period of time in order to fully realize their systemic invigorating effects. While 90 days is the minimal amount of time recommended to allow the herbs to get into the user’s system and produce some of the physical changes that are attributed to their use, it might be interesting to note that among devout Taoists, who were some of the earliest practitioners of Kung Fu, the use of Chi Tonics on a regular basis was a life-long health practice. While they can be taken after eating, herbal Chi Tonics are best taken on an empty stomach, which allows the herbs to be quickly absorbed and assimilated by the body. Finally, a word of caution. Chi Tonics should never be taken when you’re suffering from a cold or flu because you run the risk of driving the virus deeper into the body.

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Si Jun Zi | Four Gentlemen | Yang Chi Tonic | Herb Kit  |  四君子丸
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Tai Chi Teapills | Shi Quan Da Bu Wan | Invigorating Chi Tonic | Bottle   |   太极茶—十全大補
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