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Taoist Sexology Tonics for Treating Sexual Dysfunction

Our Prescriptions are the Key to Successfully Practicing Taoist Sexology

The Taoist custom of regulating sexual activity and constraining sexual energy, a practice carried on for countless generations by Chinese adepts, is representative of one of Taoist Sexology’s most important underlying principles. Often devout followers of Taoist philosophy, many of these ancient ascetics were also skilled in martial arts. Their eccentric sexual habits were based on Taoist teaching that promoted the idea that long life, abundant health, and lifelong sexual capability were all advanced by conserving one’s sexual energies. An important component of the practice, commonly referred to as Sexual Conservation, was the use of herbal elixirs in conjunction with performing specific internal exercises. In addition to empowering the practitioner with heightened sexual powers and increased physical strength and endurance, persistent practice was also said to encourage psychic and/or spiritual development.

Among the staunchest proponents of this sexual alchemical practice was the legendary Sun Simiao, who is said to have had a vigorous sex life up until his death at the age of 101.  He credited this to his lifelong adherence to Taoist sexual principles. Another advocate of these esoteric sexual practices was the seventh century physician Liu Ching author of the treatise, Longevity Principles. This ancient medical document was largely responsible for increasing awareness about the relationship between longevity and the practice commonly referred to as Sexual Yoga.

The strict management of sexual energies – sometimes referred to as "preserving the essence" – is also  according to Taoist teaching, the source for many of the extraordinary feats of strength that have become a permanent part of martial arts lore.

It is estimated that in an average male’s lifetime he has 5,000 ejaculations, producing approximately 15 liters of semen. Taoist believe that limiting the number of discharges of this vital fluid provides substantial benefits. Chief among them are delaying the aging process, lifelong sexual empowerment, and increased physical and mental power. Once a subject of controversy, there is no longer any doubt concerning the deleterious effect that the loss of semen has on  athletic performance, which we believe, supports the Taoist theory. It is precisely the reason why regulating sex was such an important feature of advanced martial arts training.

Although the physical rewards of conserving sexual energies were important for the Shaolin monks and Taoist priests who were some of the earliest practitioners of Kung Fu, it was secondary to their main purpose, which was spiritual development. A byproduct of ancient mystical practices associated with the development of metaphysical vision and “supernatural” powers, it is no coincidence that a lifelong commitment to conserving one’s sexual energies a practice known as celibacy is among the highest initiations taken by priests, monks, and adepts of the World’s oldest religions, mystical orders and occult societies. Appropriately, it is a modified version of these same mystical practices that is also part of several of the more esoteric forms of martial arts.

A common feature of these little known arts is the temperance (one hundred days) or sexual  abstinence that is recommended in order to increase the vital energy (Chi) to levels that allow us to circulate it through what is known as the Micro-Cosmic Orbit (the charkas or energy  centers that Chi circulates through in the body).  Commonly referred to as “storing the essence and circulating the Chi,” the rationale for this practice is that by allowing our sexual energies to build up through abstinence, it enables us to combine such energies with Dan Tien breathing. Also, when a  particular form of reflexology that involves  controlling the anus is performed in conjunction with regulated breathing, circulation of the vital  energy, and meditation, according to ancient  mystical principles, it sets in motion the alchemical process that unlocks the door leading to the development of extraordinary sexual and physical  powers, as well as a likelihood of a longer life and heightened spiritual awareness.

We are also fortunate to have at our disposal herbal formulas (see below) that have been used for thousands of years to assist us in the process. A major feature of these herbal elixirs is their ability to nourish and increase sexual energies. Therefore, if your primary goal is the  transmutation of the primal energy for higher spiritual purposes, it is advisable to balance the stimulating effects of these formulas. You may do so by simultaneously taking formulas containing ingredients that are more calming in an effort to control the heightened sexual impulses, and avoid the tendency to spend the semen.      

According to Taoist teaching limiting the number of discharges of our vital fluid (semen for men or menstrual fluid for women) provides substantial benefits. Chief among them are delaying the aging process, lifelong sexual empowerment and increased physical and mental power.

Note: Found on the menu bar under the "Sexology" menu button are traditional Chinese hebral fomrulas that are sexual enhancement products.  If you are looking for those, use this link to gain access:

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