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Ren Shen Hai Ma | Ginseng Sea Horse Wine | Taoist Sexual Tonic | Herb Kit | 人参海马酒

Ren Shen Hai Ma | Ginseng Sea Horse Wine | Taoist Sexual Tonic | Herb Kit  |  人参海马酒
Price: $329.99

The expense of this formula is based on the high cost of the herb Hai Ma; currently the cost of top grade of Hai Ma is greater than gold. This powerful Taoist Sexology herbal prescription is made from “High Grade Herbs” and is sold by the herb kit (which contains approx. 50 grams and should last about 60-90 days) -- it is only available in the raw form. The preferred method of preparation for this formula is the medicinal wine (yao jiu).  It is not available powdered. This is a very potent and affective prescription and we encourage you to try it.


Ren Shen Hai Ma Jiu | A Magical Ginseng & Seahorse Elixir—Magical is the only way to describe this “one of a kind” prescription. When you combine these two powerful herbal ingredients—keeping in mind that each by its own merit is considered among the most powerful ingredients in Chinese herbal medicine—it produces an effect that is more powerful than the sum of the individual parts. Over the years superlatives like spectacular and phenomenal are often used by the legion of satisfied customers to describe this extraordinary Taoist Imperial Elixir that is rapidly becoming one of our top sellers. For most of you, Ren Shen (Ginseng) needs no introduction; the legendary root is well known and considered the most potent botanical ingredient in Eastern or Western Herbology for nourishing and increasing energy levels (Chi). Even though Hai Ma (Seahorse) ranks high among Chinese Herbology’s most precious ingredients—for those who are unfamiliar with it, let me explain what it does.   Not only does it circulate the blood, it also has an androgenic effect on the male prostate gland and testes, and Hai Ma is famous for its ability to prolong erection of the penis.  It’s used as a “sex tonic” for sexual enhancement in Taoist Sexual Practices, and traditional Chinese medicine uses it for treating most forms of sexual dysfunction from erectile dysfunction to more severe cases of impotence. What makes the Ren Shen Hai Ma Jiu so extraordinary?  All we can tell you is… when these two powerful ingredients join forces & interact synergistically, each one increasing the power of the other, something amazing occurs! Note: Traditionally this raw herb formula is prepared into a medicinal wine; however, if consuming alcohol is an issue, then we suggest you powder the herbs and make capsules, pills, or add the powder to juice or a smoothie.  However, if you decide to powder the Hai Ma, understand going in that it is an extremely hard herb to finely powder. Use all parts of the powdered herb, even the skeleton has powerful effects.


Ren Shen Hai Ma | Ginseng Seahorse Wine | Taoist Sexual Tonic—Ingredients:  Korean Ginseng and Seahorse.

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