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Taoist Herbal Treatments

Listen what our customers are saying:

  • Joe says…This is the closest thing to the fountain of youth. I have been taking for years and people constantly tell me I look younger each year and want to know my secret. No secret, it is this elixir. As with all the herbs I purchase from sea of chi, I usually let the herbs sit in alcohol for 9 to 10 months then I start drinking. That has worked for me and I love the benefits. The benefits of this elixir are priceless so, go ahead and purchase something that will ensure that you live for a long time and live well.
  • Mary Brookline says… For real, I'll Live 100 Years? I got it powdered and added that to juice and drank it. Didn't taste bad so I decided to continue using it. Now twelve months later, it continues to make me feel (overall) stronger and healthier. I haven't had a cold since I started using it. All my friends get yearly colds and flu, but not me! I can only tell anyone who reads this that (for me) the Live 100 Years formula was worth the investment.
  • Ramona Wilson says… This is a very potent herbal mixture. My husband and I have been drinking a yao jiu made from the Two Immortals for a long time. We also use another Taoist Longevity elixir Live 100 Years Tonic. Actually we alternate between them, drinking one for a week, then the next week switch to the other. The end result is that we are in our late 60s take no other form of medication and are very healthy, active and productive. We give this an A+++++++ rating!
  • Bobby Spooner says… The price of General Yang Sen rocked me, but heard it was worth the price, and that was the truth. Wow. Let me say that again -- Wow.
  • Michael Montague says… When I first heard about this yao jiu, I wasn't sure if it was for me. I love their Taoist Seven Seeds and wondered if this Wu Zi Bu Shen was really different. I was assured by Jude that it is quite different and decided to age both at the same time and do a comparison. Without a doubt there is a difference and both are excellent elixirs.
  • Anita M. Tonka says… I consider the Joiners my friends. Working together we resolved my infertility which along with my husband's cooperation of course produced my two boys. Their baby pictures are displayed on the *** Babies*** bulletin board which hangs in Jude's office. I strongly recommend these people and their herbal treatments.
  • Irving Davison says… I've tried to meditate for years, could never control my mind, it always raced from thought to thought. Or even worst I'd fall asleep. Then I tried this Yuan Qi elixir and my life changed. I've been able to control my thinking and reach deep to calm myself and reduce anxiety. What a beautiful place to be, so serene. Thank you.

In this section of our website we will look into the powerful formulations used by Taoist to keep their bodies healthy and to live long vibrant lives, formulas used to enhance meditation and reduce stress and anxiety, tonics used to heal sexual dysfunction and improve fertility, as well as tonics that are used to increase energy levels that have been decreased by sexual overindulgence. For a moment let's consider the herbal treatments used for centuries in Taoist Sexology and the Martial Arts—The custom of regulating sexual activity, which simply means controlling how often one engages in sex, is a practice that has been carried on for countless generations by Chinese adepts. The little-known esoteric practice by no mere coincidence is also representative of one of Taoist Sexology’s most important underlying principles. Often devout followers of Taoist philosophy, many of the staunchest advocates of controlled sexual frequency were also martial artists.  The eccentric sexual habits of these ancient warriors was based on the Taoist belief that long-life, enhanced Chi levels, and increased strength and endurance are all advanced by controlling or otherwise conserving one’s sexual energy. The argument for exercising sexual restraint is further supported by some of Kung Fu’s most renowned figures who claim that it is the strict management of sexual energy – sometimes referred to as “preserving the essence” that is the source for the extraordinary feats of strength that have become a permanent part of martial arts lore. The functional application of the esoteric practice can be seen in high level Chinese internal martial art’s such as Chi Kung where advanced practitioners temporarily avoid sex and use the energy that builds-up as a result of constraining the semen to intensify their Chi and move the vital energy within the body in the practice commonly referred to as “Circulating the Chi.” Proponents of the sexual alchemical practice include notable figures like Sun Simiao the famous Tang Dynasty physician, the legendary Hua To the creator of a series of exercises called “Five Animals Play” which are considered the initiator of later forms of Kung Fu based on animal movements such as Bak Fu Pai (white tiger), Tai Sing Pek Kwan (monkey style) and White Crane, as well as the seventh-century physician Liu Ching author of the Chinese classic Longevity Principles.  The ancient precept which is representative of one of Taoism’s most important principles in matters relating to sex, vitality and longevity, is also the theoretical basis for the article written by Thomas Richard Joiner which follows. Is Conserving Jing Chi the Key to Increased Strength and Endurance—Although most would agree that one would be hard pressed to find a subject that fans the flames of controversy more than politics and religion, over the years I have discovered that the Taoist Practice known as Sexual Conservation ranks a close third when it comes to conversational topics that are capable of causing heated discussion and arousing passions. The seemingly irreconcilable disagreement over this ancient practice’s ability to increase physical, mental, spiritual, and so-called psychic powers has been debated for centuries and not surprisingly, continues even today. The act of regulating sexual activity, what Taoists refer to as conserving one’s “Jing” Chi, can be traced all the way back to man’s primordial beginnings. Curiously, throughout human history, not only has this ancient practice been an important feature of mysticism and occult practices, it has also been one of the guiding principles in the esoteric form of the internal practice commonly known as Chi Kung. read the entire article use this link:

Below are links to the various types of Taoist formulas worthy of your consideration.  We hope you'll try them all!

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