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American Ginseng Roots High Quality


Our American Ginseng is Praised for Enhancing Energy Levels


American ginseng is highly praised by Asians and Americans alike for its therapeutic properties, which include: providing energy and preventing fatigue, improving cognitive function, its anti-inflammatory effects, and that it may help men who have erectile dysfunction. We sell two top-rated grades (the Best) AA and (Good) rated A. Both grades are grown for 8-years or longer. Click the below links for more information or to purchase.

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American Ginseng Roots | Rated A | Good Quality  |  西洋参根
These good quality American Ginseng Roots are rated “A” and are sold by the half-pound..
Based on 2 reviews.
American Ginseng Roots | Rated AA | Best Quality |  西洋参根
These are the best quality American Ginseng Roots — rated “AA”— and sold by ..
Based on 5 reviews.

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