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Treating Injuries: Improve Flexibility with Jin Gu Jia

Listen what our customers are saying:

Fredricka Jacobs says… As a dancer I'm always concerned about keeping my body flexible and strong. I've tried every flexibility supplement I have come across but none do the trick quite like this Chinese herbal formula Jin Gu Jia. They tell me it was developed by the Monks in the Shaolin Temple to keep their fighters strong and flexible, whatever, this Jin Gu Jia is a dancers dream come true.

Abdulla Hassan says… I lift weights, and all trainers say they have a secret flexibility tonic for me. Never found one that did the trick, until I stumbled upon Jin Gu Jia. Keeps me limber as well as strong; It's a goodun.

Bruce Franken says… Training with weights causes my muscles to tighten up, I tried Jin Gu Jia Wan from another online supplier several years ago and it didn't do much. Then a friend suggested What a difference! I called the store and asked why, and was told their prescription is more potent -- whatever the difference -- this is the product for me. Any weightlifter owes it to their self to try this product; your training will go through a drastic change for the better.

Ronnie Frazer says… My body is always tight and stiff. These caps gave me relief within hours. I'm impressed.



If we’re honest most martial artists, including myself, will admit that we spend far too little time stretching in order to improve our flexibility compared to the amount of time spent on cardiovascular fitness, strength training and perfecting combat skills.

Why is this? My guess would be that it’s because far too few martial artists truly recognize the benefits that are gained from a body that is subtle and limber. 

Unlike students of some of the other disciplines like archery and classical dance (ballet) who recognize the importance of optimal flexibility in the performance of their art, most martial arts practitioners tend to marginalize its importance.

The truth of the matter is that in the art of dance, as well as the art of war stretching to maintain and increase ones flexibility should be a common goal of both disciplines for two very important reasons, to become more proficient in one’s art, and to reduce the risk of injuries. Due to the insufficient amount of attention that’s usually given to this important part of training, the inclusion of herbal supplements is highly recommended.

When a well-designed systematic stretching regimen is enhanced by taking herbal supplements it has been proven that dramatic results can be seen in the speed, height and power of one’s kicks, in addition to reducing the likelihood of suffering the strains, sprains, and contusions that are an inherent part of training by as much as 60-70%.

Hands down the “go to” formula preferred by sports gurus, dance coaches, and martial arts instructors is the legendary Taoist prescription Jin Gu Jia; click the below link for more information. 

We recommend using this formula for a minimum of 60 to 90-days, but the longer it is used the deeper the healing will be.

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Jin Gu Jia | Golden Relic Flexibility Formula | Choose Herb Kit either Raw or Powdered
This powerful herbal prescription is made from “High Grade Chinese Herbs” and is sold in 2 different..
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