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Treating Injuries: Heal Blunt Force Trauma

Blunt trauma, non-penetrating trauma or blunt force trauma are a physical blow to the body; in the martial arts that would mean by impact, injury or physical attack, which is usually referred to as blunt force trauma.

The initial trauma develops into more specific types of injury such as contusions, abrasions, lacerations, and/or bone fractures.

Blunt trauma is separate from penetrating trauma, in which an object such as a sword or blade  enters the body.

Blunt force trauma is usually caused by strikes from fists and solid objects causing symptoms of soreness and bruising with body ache and (subcutaneous) bleeding under the skin commonly described as being all black and blue.

Hit Medicine uses the following formulas to treat the symptoms and relieve the pain of blunt force trauma:

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Die Da Wan, Hit Medicine's trauma pills, one box = one day use
跌打丸      Aka: Trauma Pills  Die Da Wan is a well-known anti-trau..
Die Da Wan—Hit Medicine's Trauma Injury Pills, Raw Form: one herb kit makes 30 day supply
跌打丸      Aka: Trauma Pills  Die Da Wan is a well-known anti-trauma prescri..
Jiu Long Aka: Nine Dragon Pills, raw form: 2 oz. herb kit = 15 day supply
九个龙药片 Aka: Nine Dragon Pills This is a prescription transmitted by the 31st Patriarch of the S..
Lin Jiu Hu Dan, raw form: 180 grams herb kit  = 15 days
少林九老虎 Aka: Shaolin Nine Tigers Elixir Lin Jiu Hu Dan was originally published in Highlights of..
Shaolin Prescription for Treatment of Bruising & Swelling Due to External Injury, raw form: herb kit = 15 day supply
少林处方瘀伤和肿胀的治疗 The Shaolin Prescription for the Treatment of Bruising and Swelling will resolve blo..

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