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Treatments for General Illnesses


Listen what our customers are saying:

  • Joyce Jackson, says… keeps me healthy. I do not take any prescription drugs and completely manage my health with their herbal products.  I put my trust in them and they have never let me down!
  • David Richardson says… Read the seaofchi newsletter about this Tai Chi Tea and tried it, you folks weren't kidding around; this is a major energy boost. I plan on using this after every workout. Thanks for the info.
  • Victoria Wesley says… I've had bad bone pain for most of my life; I've tried all the doctor's prescription medications but they all make me too medicated with terrible side effects. I wanted to go natural this time. My sister told me about and she was so right. What a difference this prescription makes, I am mobile once more and the pain level is manageable. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
  • Julie Rosado, says…I have been a satisfied customer for many a year; I always find their customer service accessible, helpful and knowledgeable. I have confidence in Judy and Thomas.
  • Trisha Bloom says… As a recovering alcoholic, I do appreciate that the famous Shou Wu Chih can be made into a tea, and that there are ready to use capsules (available). This tea is so helpful to me, I now have get-up-and-go.
  • Sydnie Franklyn says… Got a friend suggestion on this and am I sooooo pleased with Dang Gui Su. Have been suffering from lack of estrogen for about 2 years and losing my hair at the same time. Has been awful! Started taking these pills, and within a few days I began to experience changes in my body. No more mood swings, breast tenderness, cramping, etc. Literally, I got my life back. Today, after 6 months of treatment I even notice my hair growing back. This is a miracle herb. Sincere thanks.
  • Albert P. says… I was at that point where I couldn't drive anywhere, or leave my house for too long, and forget about having an uninterrupted night's sleep!! Called sea of chi and asked for help. Ba Zheng pills were their answer and it did the trick. Appreciate you guys.
  • Sally Anisworth, says…I had several health issues and the Joiners suggested treatments that made me well, and keep me that way. is good quality people; I trust them with my life. 一般疾病治疗 has been in the business of improving the lifelong health and wellbeing of our customers since 1987. We provide unique, effective, high quality Chinese herbal products that address both specific and general health concerns. The company was started out of a desire to un-complicate and de-mystify Chinese herbal medicine. It has been our mission to make using Chinese herbal products easy, by making it understandable, readily available, and affordable. We offer time tested traditional Chinese formulas used for centuries to treat more than 200 different ailments, and we provide technical assistance that enables our customers to learn the basic principles of this 5,000 year-old Healing Art. Originally was designed to provide the Chinese herbal formulas discussed in the books written by our founder Thomas Richard Joiner. However, over the years we’ve found a need for more than just those formulas and have expanded. You will find that all of our products are discussed in language that is simple and straightforward and our herbs are of the highest quality available. If you’ve ever been curious about Chinese herbal medicine, but were turned off because it was so confusing… then you owe it yourself to take the time to search through our website, we believe you’ll come away with a new outlook. We hope you’ll be impressed with our commitment to long-term health, whether through our comprehensive, research based formulations, our stringent quality control standards, or our personal customer service; each day we strive to provide you with the best herbal products that will enhance your quality of life. Below are links to information on a variety of ailments that are successfully treated using  traditional Chinese herbal medicine.  Within each link we will list the formulas that are used to treat the symptoms of the ailment. Click on the links below for information on the products that address the health concerns that interest you most.

We wish you good health.

The folks @

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