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High Quality Gourmet Dried Herbs



Our goal here at is to always provide the best quality Chinese herbs that are preservative free, fresh, and of the highest quality. Our herbs originate from China we purchase from trustworthy suppliers and sources who we have dealt with for more than 20 years who we know maintain the highest standards. We trust our suppliers and know that you can trust us to provide only the best.

Most of our Chinese herbs are sold by the pound with a few exceptions. You’ll find that some Korean Ginseng/Ren Shen is sold in a catty (which is slightly more than one pound), Ge Jie is sold two per package, Wild-grown Korean Ginseng is sold by the root, and Lu Rong is sold sliced by the ounce, etc.

The prices of the more rare Chinese herbs constantly fluctuate in the high end herb market; this can be due to weather changes in China which affect the growth of herbs. If you are purchasing "rare" or "hard to find" herbs we always recommend that you check with us prior to purchase to confirm pricing. 

We keep over 600 different herbs in stock, far too many to list here; if you do not see the herb you want contact us to confirm availability and the current price per pound.

If you prefer herbs powdered instead of in the raw form, please check the appropriate "add on" box prior to check-out (you’ll find the "add-on" option listed on herb's description page, look to the center of the screen under "available options"). There is a $10.00 extra fee applied for powdered herbs.  If you prefer your herbs in the raw form, be sure to check that option.

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