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Treating Injuries: Healing Hand Injuries with Dit Da Jow

Chinese herbs will decrease the down-time (healing time) of Hand Injuries 

Hand injuries can often be avoided when prudence is exercised and training procedures are followed. However, anyone undertaking hand conditioning or iron palm training should be willing to run the risk and must come to terms with the fact that such injuries are a real possibility.

There are several highly regarded formulas that are used to treat hand conditioning injuries one in particular is known as Shaolin Die Da Shen Liang Fan or Young Forest Striking Divinely Proven Effective Prescription. This Shaolin recipe combines herbs that stop bleeding, with herbs that promote healing, resolve bruising and strengthen bones. Its use is highly recommended for treating bruises, fractures and broken bones that are the result of faulty iron palm training or hand conditioning, more information on this formula can be found by clicking the below product link.

Taking internal formulas that heal broken and fractured bones should also be considered in order to reinforce the external treatment. For information on bone-break formulas, refer to the pull down menu for Martial Training and click on Heal Broken Bones.

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