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Tiger Exits the Forest | Shaolin Die Da Shen Liang Fan | Dit Da Jow | 虎退出森林

Tiger Exits the Forest | Shaolin Die Da Shen Liang Fan | Dit Da Jow   |   虎退出森林
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This potent raw herb kit is sold in two sizes! A full-size kit that weighs approx. 800 grams and once mixed in alcohol and properly aged will make two-and-one-half -gallons of powerful dit da jow. The cost for this full-size kit is $351.98 ($175.99 + $175.99).  Or, a half-size herb kit of 400 grams which makes one-and-one-quarter-gallons of dit da jow; yes, it’s the same powerful jow.The cost for this half-size kit is $175.99. Both sizes are available either in the raw form or powdered. All half-prescription herb kits sold by are true to the original prescription’s processing instructions.  The kits contain the exact same herbs and quality of herbs as you’ve grown to expect from our company.  We guarantee that. Use the above "Add-on" device or "Description of what’s Available" device to make your selection.


Shaolin Die Da Shen Liang Fan | Young Forest Striking Divinely Proven Effective Prescription | Tiger Exits the Forest—Throughout the history of the Asian martial arts a common practice shared by both Karate and Kung Fu practitioners has been their use of herbal medicine for treating injuries. This empirical medical practice that was developed over the course of many centuries through the often painful process of trial and error, has roots that can be traced all the way back to the branch of traditional Chinese medicine  known  as  Dit Da Yao.  Which is more commonly referred to as “Hit Medicine,” in ancient times these empirical medical procedures that were painstakingly developed by our martial ancestors, were the primary method of treatment for handling potentially mortal wounds as well as the minor bumps and bruises that were considered an unavoidable consequence of the rigorous daily training required to perfect their art. The transmission of information from master to student in the use of certain medical techniques and herbal prescriptions for treating a wide range of injuries was an integral part of traditional martial arts training practiced by warriors as diverse as Shaolin monks, Okinawa Te Masters and Samurai Warriors. The list of possible injuries included  everything from serious combat wounds like cuts and incisions from bladed weapons, blunt force trauma that were a result of empty hand-strikes and strikes from solid objects, to minor injuries such as muscle constriction and strained ligaments and tendons. It was primarily the need to manage these occupational hazards that motivated martial artists to develop skills in Osteopathy (bone setting), Traumatology and Herbology.Here at we offer a number of herbal formulas for treating injuries common to the practice of martial arts that have been used for thousands of years based on their proven ability to shorten healing time for most injuries, and perhaps more importantly, avoid the possibility of long range side-effects. 

We are often asked …what is the best dit da jow? …what jow do you use?  Our honest answer is…there is not one jow that we have that isn’t outstanding, and …we use them all.  However, there is one particular jow that is a favorite, it stands out from the rest and it has received amazing feedback from those of you who have used it. In the US it goes by several names Shaolin Die Da Shen Liang Fan, Young Forest Striking Divinely Proven Effective Prescription, Tiger Exits the Forest, and Tiger Exits. It is an ancient remedy that has been used for centuries with incredible results. This jow’s prescription makes a strong medicine that is used for the treatment of muscle, tendon and ligament injuries with pain, as well as bone and joint injuries, and is highly effective for overall martial arts conditioning.  It’s also used by Shaolin Monks for treating broken or fractured bones with serious bruising. It is highly valued for treating injuries sustained during hand conditioning and iron palm practice. It will heal bruises, contusions, fractures and broken bones.  Continued use of this formula will toughen the skin; strengthen the bones, and increases circulation of Blood and Chi. Our Tiger Exits the Forest Jow formula is a highly effective combination of herbal ingredients designed for iron palm and martial arts training. It contains herbs famous for their ability to strengthen the tendons, ligaments, bones and sinews and it will relieve pain and swelling.  We have this dit da jow available in ready-to-use premade 8 ounce bottles, or in herb kits that you can use to make over a gallon of jow. We will provide step-by-step instructions on how to prepare and use this jow with your herbal kit. Making your own jow is a simple process, just add the herbal kit (pour the herbs) into a large glass container and then mix in your choice in alcohol type (traditionally Chinese rice wine is used or sake, but you may also use vodka, brandy or gin). Secure the lid and set the bottle in a cool, dark place – completely free of sunlight. Allow to sit (age) for a minimum of 3 months – 365 days is preferred. The longer you age it the better the jow! One and two gallon glass jars with a lid are readily available on the internet; let us know if you need a link to an online retailer. This formula is for external application only—do not use internally!

Note: Our hand-conditioning formulas come in two different forms, ready-to-use (already prepared and aged) or those that you must prepare into a jow. If you wish to make the jow yourself this is the page you want, however, to gain access to the premade dit da jows click to this page: premade-jows-316

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