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Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan | Emperor of Heaven’s Special Pill | Choose Herb Kit or Capsules

Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan | Emperor of Heaven’s Special Pill | Choose Herb Kit or Capsules
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Something New! Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan is now available in easy-to-use premade capsules—120 premade capsules for $29.99, which should last the user about 30 days, depending on dosage.This potent meditation enhancement prescription is made from “High Grade Chinese Herbs” and is sold in three different forms of use (in dried herb kit, in powdered herb kit, or in premade capsules). When ordering choose from—120 premade capsules, or an herb kit (which contains approx. 375 grams and should last about 30-60 days); be sure to select how you want your order filled either in dried herb kit, powdered herb kit, or premade capsules by using the above “add on” button.

How to use? The preferred method of use is powdered in pill form, dosage will be provided with your order. When powdered it can effectively be used to make pills, capsules, or simply add the powder to juice or a smoothie and drink like you would a power-shake.  Or you may purchase it ready-made in capsules.

What’s the cost? 120 premade Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan capsules are $29.99, and the cost for a raw herb kit is $59.99 ($29.99 + $30.00). Please use the above “add-on” button to make your choice.


Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan | Emperor of Heaven’s Special Pill—Ingredients:  Rehmannia, Ginseng, Codonopsis, Asparagi, Ophiopogon, Scrophularia, Salvia Miltiorrhiza, Poria, Poria Spirit, Polygala, Angelica, Schisandra, Platycladus, Semen Zizyphi Spinosae, Platycodi, Coptidis, Acori Tatarinowii.


Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan | Emperor of Heaven’s Special Pill 

If there is one feature of martial arts training that elevates one's art beyond physical boundaries and exemplifies its divine qualities, it's the practice of meditation.  The invocation of spiritual deities provides martial artists with access to universal powers transcendent to the physical abilities developed through external training.

Some of the more practical benefits provided by frequent meditation are: the subjugation of latent aggressive tendencies that are an essential component of the combat mind-set, the counteraction of fear, as well as the development of extraordinary focal abilities.  Perhaps, more importantly, meditation can lead to heightened spiritual development, which is the highest expression of Kung Fu.

In spite of this, few would argue with the fact that the vast majority of martial artists spend a disproportionate amount of time perfecting fighting techniques, compared to time spent meditating and nurturing the spirit.  This imbalance of (yin) internal meditation and (yang) external physical training is in conflict with the most fundamental Taoist principle of equality between the two cosmological energies (yin and yang).

To assist us in this often overlooked under-estimated element of martial arts practice, specific formulas were developed by our martial ancestors.  These formulas are famed for their ability to enhance meditation, improve concentration and focus, calm the spirit (abate restlessness), and sedate without stupefying the user -- which allow us to reach deeper levels of meditation.  One such formula is Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan.

Of course Emperor of Heaven refers to God, and the formula was so named for its use in meditative practices by Shaolin Monks. It will calm the spirit, eliminate irritability, calm anxiety, and abate restlessness. Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan has a long history of use for relaxing the body and calming the mind, providing a sedative effect and it can be used several different ways: more generally, for reducing agitation, abating restlessness, and diminishing mental hyperactivity or simply as an adjunct to intensifying meditation.  It will certainly help to reduce stress levels.

This formula must be powdered and made into pills for proper use. If you wish us to powder this formula for you, please check the appropriate box at check-out and there will be a $10.00 powdering fee applied. We will provide complete step-by-step processing and daily dosage instructions when your order is fulfilled.

Long-term use is recommended.

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