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Training Formulas: Potent Seasonal Training Wines

These are Extremely Effective Medicinal Wines

Well known for their ability to strengthen the body and increase stamina, these training formulas must be prepared traditionally in the Jiu method (made into a medicinal wine by adding alcohol to the herbs and aging the brew for 90-365 days).

Due to the effects from these unique herbal prescriptions, the Fall-Winter wine should be used for training during the Fall and Winter months, while the Spring-Summer wine should be used during the Spring and Summer months.

It is "highly" recommended that these formulas are used over extended periods of time to experience the desired effects.

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Chun Jiu | Spring and Summer Training Wine | Nourishes the Jing Essence | Herb Kit
  春季夏季训练酒 This herbal prescription comes in an herb kit (which contains appro..
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Dong Chun Jiu | Fall and Winter Training Wine | Bone-Strengthening Yao Jiu | Herb Kit
This herbal prescription comes in an herb kit (which contains approx. 300 grams which after aging wi..
Based on 1 reviews.

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