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Chuang Yao Tonic | Replenish Jing and Chi Pills | 壮腰健肾丸

Chuang Yao Tonic | Replenish Jing and Chi Pills  |  壮腰健肾丸
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This patent pill formula is sold in two sizes—choose from—one bottle of 100 pills (that’s a 12-day supply) for $19.99, and a 60-day supply (8-bottles) for $159.92 ($19.99 + $139.93).  Please use the above “description” button to make your choice.


Aka: Replenish Jing and Chi Pills, Make Strong Kidney Tablets, Tabellae Chuang Yao Tonic; this patent formula is excellent for replenishing the Jing and Chi that has been lost due to sexual over-indulgence. (Use daily for 100 days). It will powerfully tonify the Kidney Yang and Chi, and it benefits tendons and bone.Used for various symptoms associated with deficiency of Kidney Yang, including lower back pain, weakness, pain in Kidneys, urinary dribbling, incontinence, and replenishes lost sexual energy. Treats problems due to excessive male sexual activity, including fatigue, poor memory and lower backache. Can be used for long periods as a general kidney yang tonic. We will provide daily dosage instructions when your order is fulfilled. Long-term use is highly recommended.


Chuang Yao Tonic | Replenish Jing and Chi Pills—Ingredients:  Jin Ying Zi • Cherokee Rose Fruit, Ji Xue Teng  •  Spathobus Stem, Sang Ji Sheng  •  Loranthus Twig and Leaf, Tu Si Zi  •  Japanese Dodder Seed, Niu Zhen Zi  •  Ligustrum Privet Fruit, Zi Jing Pi  •  Kadsura Root Bark, Chien Chin Pa  •  Moghania Root.

Note: Counterfeit versions of this product are being sold, beware of those, their ingredients are not authentic and the results will not be what you need.  Such as: Zhuang Yao Jian Shen.

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