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Chuan Jiao | Hua Jiao | Pericarpium Zanthoxyli

Chuan Jiao | Hua Jiao | Pericarpium Zanthoxyli
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This raw Chinese herb is sold by the pound in either raw or powdered form. Please use the above "add-on" button to make your selection.


花椒, 川椒, 蜀椒

Pinyin name: Chuan Jiao

Aka: Hua Jiao, Shu Jiao, Qin Jiao, Ba Jiao, Hong Jiao Da Hong Pao, Chuan Hua Jiao

Source: Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing

English name: Prickly ash Peppertree Peel, Zanthoxylum, Bunge Prickly ash peel

Botanical name: Zanthoxylum bungeanum

Pharmaceutical name: Pericarpium Zanthoxyli

Properties: acrid, hot

Channels entered: kidney, spleen, stomach

Chinese therapeutic actions: warms the middle Jiao, stops pain and relieves diarrhea, and kills parasites.


This herb is slightly toxic or toxic.  Like all things in life, Chinese herbal medicine is far from perfect, and it’s important for consumers to understand that although they are few in number, there are some ingredients that are part of the Chinese herbal pharmacopoeia that are considered toxic.  Normally, when toxic or slightly toxic ingredients are used (in a formula) an antidotal ingredient is always added as part of the prescription in order to mitigate the toxicity of the ingredient in question.  Therefore, we recommend this herb be used under the guidance of a traditional Chinese medicinal professional.

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