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Welcome to “We make Chinese Herbal Medicine easy”

If you’re sick and tired, of suffering from the horrific side-effects caused by the medicines that you’re taking you need to hear this! Did you know that there are natural remedies that can be used to effectively treat common illnesses without the undesirable side-effects?

We’ve all read about the possibility of addiction associated with using pain–killers, and other drugs potentially causing organ damage or impaired sexual functioning.

There’s no better time than now to join the millions of people who have discovered the amazing curative ability of Chinese herbal remedies.

Now you can take control of your health and put an end to the unnecessary suffering from the nasty side-effects associated with pharmaceutical drugs. These drugs often contain ingredients which are known to damage the liver and kidneys (filtration organs).

Unlike their Western counterpart the 5,000-year-old Chinese Herbal System is made up of powerful all natural ingredients that are capable of treating practically every disease known to man without side-effects, or harming the vital organs. In addition to their extraordinary curative ability; generally speaking Chinese herbs are far less expensive than Western prescription medicines.

Listen to what customers are saying:

Learn about Chinese Medicine and how it can be the safe, effective solution to your ailments. Check your ailments at our A-Z product listing which is a quick source for information about Chinese herbal remedies that can be ordered online, or call 510-451-0945 for a free consultation.

Not only have you discovered a safe reliable solution for reducing medical expenses and managing your health—you’ll also find that we’re easy to work with.

Thomas Richard Joiner,
President and CEO,



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