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Taoist Seven Seeds | Taoist Sexology Elixir | Herb Kit

Taoist Seven Seeds | Taoist Sexology Elixir | Herb Kit
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This powerful Taoist Sexology herbal prescription is made from “High Grade Herbs” and is sold in two sizes—choose from—one herb kit (which contains approx. 250 grams and should last about  30+ days) and we discount on a 60+ day supply (which contains approx. 500 gram herb kit); both are available in either the raw form or powdered. 

The preferred method of preparation for this formula is the medicinal wine (yao jiu); although, when powdered it can be used to make pills, capsules, or simply add the powder to juice or a smoothie and drink like you would a power-shake. 

The cost for a 30+ day herb kit is $55.99 and a 60+ day herb kit is $106.99 ($55.99 + $51.00).

Please use the above "add-on" and “description” buttons to make your choice.

This is a very potent and affective prescription and we guarantee its efficacy.


Taoist Seven Seeds Yao Jiu

Many are concerned about improving Chi circulation, some no doubt are well aware of the implications of sex and circulation of the vital energy.  Conceivably one of Taoism’s best kept secrets are the centuries old use of “Seven Seeds” an herbal elixir which to this day remains an undiscovered treasure for most non-Taoists.

For thousands of years, Taoists have considered it a supreme elixir, a designation that is only bestowed upon the best of Chinese Herbology’s most powerful  prescriptions.  A title not lightly given, nor is it undeserved! This elixir strengthens the seven glands (adrenal, pituitary, thyroid, pineal, thymus, pancreas, and sexual glands) in addition to nourishing the Kidney Yang – thereby intensifying sexual energies. 

Of course, the trick is to subordinate the carnal urge (or otherwise conserve the sperm/sexual energy [Jing] allowing the acquired/stored sexual Chi to energize the body).  And, when the use of Seven Seeds is combined with Dan Tien Breathing and meditation, the transmutation of such energy “quickens” and intensifies the Chi that flows through the body. 

The ingredients in Seven Seeds will powerfully nourish the glandular system, strengthen the Kidneys, and bolster the immune system [Wei Chi].  Affording the user a long sexually-productive life. 

You know, it is actually quite common for Taoist to live well into their 90’s remaining sexually active, and many consider the use of this legendary formula to be their secret weapon.   

What makes Seven Seeds so revered by Taoists is their claim that continuous use will provide the user with lifelong sexual empowerment. Seven Seeds is undoubtedly one of the ancient religious cult’s most precious prescriptions. It is well known for its ability to nourish the glandular system, bolster immunity (strengthen the Wei Chi) and build-up sexual energy. Simply speaking it supports good health which makes for a better sex life.This prescription can be used by men as well as women.

Traditionally this raw herb formula is prepared into a medicinal wine; however, if consuming alcohol is an issue, then we suggest you powder the herbs and make capsules, pills, or add the powder to juice or a smoothie. If you wish us to powder this formula for you, please check the appropriate box at check-out and there will be a $10.00 powdering fee applied.

We will provide complete step-by-step processing and daily dosage instructions when your order is fulfilled.

Long-term even life-long use is highly recommended.


The cost for several of the herbs in this formula have been raising especially due to the upcoming tariffs on Chinese imports, and we're not sure how much longer we can keep our price at it's current level.  Our advise to everyone is to get your order in now, while it's still cheap.

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