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General Yang Sen’s Spring Wine | Taoist Sexology's Supreme Elixir | Herb Kit

General Yang Sen’s Spring Wine | Taoist Sexology's Supreme Elixir | Herb Kit
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This herbal prescription comes in an herb kit (which contains approx. 300 grams, which (after aging) will produce about a gallon of very potent medicinal wine that will last the user about 60-90 days); it is available in either the raw form or powdered.  The powder can be used to make a smoothie, tea, or pills.

This is a very potent and affective prescription and we guarantee its efficacy.

Please use the above "Add-on" button to make your choice on raw or powdered form.


General Yang Sen's Spring Wine Taoist Sexology's Supreme Elixir 


General Yang Sen was an acknowledged master of Chi Kung and Tao Yin, General Sen was a staunch believer in the use of herbal tonics. He was also extremely selective in choosing his food and herbal ingredients for freshness and potency. An ardent practitioner of Taoist Sexual Yoga, General Sen was well known for his ferocity as a fighter as well as his voracious sexual appetite. It is widely reported, that the General engaged in vigorous sexual intercourse while strictly controlling the frequency of his emission throughout his entire adult life, until his death at the age of 93.

This recipe for SPRING WINE, which he is said to have consumed daily, contains 15 ingredients and is considered one of the premier Taoist Sexology Elixirs that are used for nourishing sexual energy. 

We consider this Taoist formula to be the most famous “Chinese male sex tonic.” The General Yang Sen’s Spring Wine’s herbal ingredients include the coveted high-grade (Korean) ginseng which increases energy & extends stamina, along with Hai Ma (seahorse) to effectively prolong erection of the penis, and Lu Rong (deer antler) to strengthen it.

Traditionally this raw herb formula is prepared into a medicinal wine; however, if consuming alcohol is an issue, then we suggest you powder the herbs and make capsules, pills, or add the powder to juice or a smoothie. If you wish us to powder this formula for you, please check the appropriate box at check-out and there will be a $10.00 powdering fee applied.

One batch (depending on how it is prepared) can last two or three months.

We will provide complete step-by-step processing and daily dosage instructions when your order is fulfilled.

Long-term even life-long use is highly recommended.


For those that have asked us, the General Yang Sen's Spring Wine is not the same prescription as (or in any way comparable to) the General Li Spring Wine sold by other providers.  While the General Li Wine is a decent formula, our General Yang Sen's Spring Wine ... kills it.  Our prescription contains much stronger more potent herbs that produce amazing results.  We suggest for those that are curious to try both wines and then tell us how you like ours. We sincerely look forward to the feedback.


Regretfully, effectively 11.24.2017, due to the rising costs of the many rare and precious ingredients in this formula we are forced to increase our cost to you.  If you are not aware, this formula contains several zoological ingredients and the cost for those are prohibitively expensive.  However, we will continue to do our best to keep the price down.

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