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Books written by Thomas Richard Joiner

 Books Written by Thomas Richard Joiner



Who is the author? Thomas Richard Joiner is an acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, martial artist, author, and the founder of  He has studied  many different forms of alternative medicine; however, his core training centers on traditional Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. He is an active  martial artist and certified instructor in both internal (Chi Gong) and external (Chinese Goju) martial arts styles.






Martial Esoterica

In Martial Esoterica Thomas R. Joiner focuses on Chi Kung’s mystical origins.  He discusses the divine art of Chi Kung and the internal art’s inseparable relationship with Mysticism.  The book delves into the vital role that Chinese herbal elixirs play in the performance of high-level Chi Kung methods and powerful occult procedures.  One of only a few books of its kind, Martial Esoterica can be an invaluable tool that will assist the reader in determining the real from the fake in their search for the Chi Kung Master.

Martial Esoterica Book - Price: $24.95 – Item # ME01





Kung Fu Medicine

A guide for using Chinese herbs in the empirical medical practice that traditional Chinese medicine calls Dit Da Yao or “Hit Medicine.”  Kung Fu Medicine provides familiar as well as some of the rarer prescriptions for treating major and minor martial art’s injuries.

Kung Fu Medicine Book - Price $29.95 – Item # KFM01






Slaying the Dragon

This book discusses Chinese herbal prescriptions that are used for treating illnesses that can be a result of alcohol and drug abuse.  These classical prescriptions cover a full range of health issues from hang-overs to liver cirrhosis to hepatitis B & C, as well as STD’s.

Will be published later this year, place your reserve order now!

Slaying the Dragon Book - Price: $24.95 – Item # STD01





The Warrior as Healer

Thomas Richard Joiner is an active martial artist and certified instructor in both internal (Chi Gong) and external (Chinese Goju) marital arts styles. He has combined his knowledge of both the martial arts and the healing arts to produce this e-catalog in addition to the book the Warrior as Healer.

The Warrior as Healer is a traditional Chinese martial arts training guide that places as much emphasis on nurturing the spirit as it does on honing fighting ability. For many centuries herbs have been used by martial artists not only for injury management, but also to increase sensitivity, improve energy levels, and most significantly, raise consciousness.

This book provides many recipes for formulas that have been used to stop bleeding, speed the healing of fractured bones, and increase vitality, as well as improve focus and calm the mind. All of the herbal formulas that are discussed in the book the Warrior as Healer are available on the pages that follow in this e-catalog. A majority of the formulas are prescribed for short-term use as first aid medicines; however, some of the formulas require long-term use to experience the desired effects, and those formulas are noted accordingly.

The Warrior as Healer – Book  – Item #01W $14.95



Blending Botany & Budo  

Blending Botany & Budo, the long awaited follow-up to the ground breaking book the Warrior as Healer, further explores the time honored tradition of using Chinese herbs as part of Martial Arts training. An extraordinary martial arts book; Blending Botany & Budo provides the reader with insights into the history surrounding this ancient practice, as well as offering clear explanations about how herbs can be incorporated into the training regimens of contemporary martial artists... no matter which style of martial art you practice.

Both user-friendly and comprehensive, Blending Botany & Budo offers historical data that is completely factual as well as providing insights into the finer points of selecting, purchasing, and consuming herbs.  The select group of herbal formulas presented in this book could justifiably be called "a warrior's pharmacopoeia," and were an indispensable part of the training regimen of ancient martial artists. Included are Blood and Chi Tonics that increase the vital energy, strengthen the body and extend endurance, along with legendary prescriptions for Dit Da Jows used for treating combat related injuries as well as the minor aches and pains that are a result of rigorous daily training.

Blending Botany & Budo removes the veil of secrecy that has surrounded these highly coveted prescriptions, which are arguably among the most important herbal elixirs to come out of the centuries-old alliance between Chinese Herbology and Asian Martial Arts.

Acquiring a familiarity with these legendary formulas - whose reputations have been earned because of the important role they have played in the training regimens of martial artists throughout the centuries - will add a new dimension to your training that will enhance your over-all martial capability and take your art to a higher level.

Blending Botany & Budo discusses advanced internal techniques, and contains herbal prescriptions for Blood Tonics, Chi Tonics, Culinary Recipes, Taoist Sexology Formulas, for Meditation Enhancement, Dit Da Jows, Hand Conditioning, Injury Management, Ginseng, etc.—all of which will assist you in your efforts to become the ultimate warrior.

This book is currently out of print and is being updated by the author.  Look for it to be republished in soon.



Chinese Herbal Medicine Made Easy  

This book is a medical encyclopedia that presents information on 200 common illnesses, starting with acid reflux and ending with yellow fever. Each illness is discussed in easy to understand language with strict avoidance of complex medical terms. The illness and its symptoms are explained, and how it is treated in Western medicine as well as traditional Chinese medicine. Then formulas are given for treating the illness with herbal teas or patented herbal formulas, which are primarily available in, pill form.

This book is currently out of print and is being updated by the author.  Look for it to be republished in soon.


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