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White Crane Hand Conditioner | Dit Da Jow

White Crane Hand Conditioner | Dit Da Jow
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This potent raw herb kit is sold in two sizes! A full-size kit that weighs approx. 600 grams and once mixed in alcohol and properly aged will make over 2 gallons of powerful dit da jow.  All half-prescription herb kits sold by are true to the original prescription’s processing instructions.  The kits contain the exact same herbs and quality of herbs as you’ve grown to expect from our company.  We guarantee that.

  • The cost for this full-size kit is $199.98 ($99.99 + $99.99).  Or, a half-size herb kit of 300 grams which makes over one gallon of dit da jow; yes, it’s the same powerful jow. The cost for this half-size kit is $99.99. Both sizes are available either in the raw form or powdered. 
  • Use the above "Add-on" device or "Description of what’s Available" device to make your selection.


The White Crane Hand Conditioner is used by practitioners of the Southern Chinese Kung Fu Style, whose famous female founder Fang Chi Niang is also credited with inventing this highly effective dit da jow. The White Crane style which originated in Tibet is one of the oldest classical styles whose lineage can be traced back to Bodhidharma and the Shaolin Temple. This is indeed a powerful well-balanced jow that uses chuan wu tou, di gu, lou lo and hua fu shi. The White Crane jow has a highly respected reputation among martial artists. It contains herbs that are considered essential for preventing injury and lessening the possibility of developing long-range negative side effects such as arthritis in the hands, wrists, fingers, and joints that can occur as a result of repetitive striking. The White Crane Hand Conditioner should be prepared into a liniment (jow). We will provide step-by-step instructions on how to prepare and use this jow with your herbal kit.  Making your own jow is a simple process, just add the herbal kit (pour the herbs) into a large glass container and then mix in  your choice in alcohol type (traditionally Chinese rice wine is used or sake, but you may also use vodka, brandy or gin). Secure the lid and set the bottle in a cool, dark place – completely free of sunlight. Allow to sit (age) for a minimum of 3 months – 365 days is preferred. The longer you age it the better the jow! This dit da jow should be used by rubbing the liquid into the hands, feet, arms and legs (do not rub into the torso or on the face/head). This dit da jow should be applied before and after each workout.  Allow the jow to fully penetrate and remain on the body for 30 minutes prior to washing it off. One and two gallon glass jars with a lid are readily available on the internet; let us know if you need a link to an online retailer. If you have questions, give us a call.

This formula is for external application only—do not use internally!

Note: Our hand-conditioning formulas come in two different forms, ready-to-use (already prepared and aged) or those that you must prepare into a jow. If you wish to make the jow yourself this is the page you want, however, to gain access to the premade dit da jows click to this page: premade-jows-316

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