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Xiao Yao Tang | Rambling Teapills | Menopause Support | Bottle

Xiao Yao Tang | Rambling Teapills | Menopause Support | Bottle
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Aka: Rambling Teapills Menopause Support

Menopause is quite simply the cessation of menstruation. Usually occurring in women between ages forty-five and fifty-five, menopause is associated with complaints that include hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, dry skin, and brittle bones.  These physical symptoms are said to be caused by a reduction in the production of estrogen, a hormone produced by the ovaries. There are also psychological symptoms, but it is not clear whether they are caused by a lack of estrogen or are a reaction to the physical symptoms and the sleep disturbances that are created by night sweats.  The most common psychological symptoms are depression, poor memory, and lack of concentration, anxiety, mood swings, and a loss of interest in sex.  Additionally, a rise in blood pressure is not uncommon.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, menopause is caused by a decrease in estrogen production, blood deficiency, and an imbalance between the Kidneys and the Liver; it can be effectively treated with herbal therapy such as Xiao Yao Tang (the leading formula used to treat menopause in Chinese medicine) as an alternative to Western Medicine’s hormone replacement therapy.

This is a maximum strength formula that uses angelica, bupleurum and peony to ease the uncomfortable effects caused by the body changes during menopause. It provides natural support that will ease the physical and emotional roller coaster caused by decreasing hormone levels. It will minimize hot flashes, mood fluctuations, and other indicators of the transition into and through menopause. You will feel like a new woman!

Xiao Yao is available in patent pills or raw form. This prescription can be used in the raw form to make a decoction or medicinal wine, or it may be powdered and used to make pills/capsules or simply added to a smoothie or juice.

If you wish us to powder this formula for you, please check the appropriate box at check-out and there will be a $10.00 powdering fee applied.

We will provide complete step-by-step processing and daily dosage instructions when your order is fulfilled.

Long-term use is recommended for best results.


Xiao Yao Teapills—Ingredients:  Bupleurum Chinense Root, Paeonia Lactiflora Root, Angelica Sinensis Root, Atractylodes Macrocephala Rhizome, Poria Cocos Fungus, Zingiber Officinale Rhizome-Fresh, Glycyrrhiza Uralensis Root, Mentha Haplocalyx Herb.

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