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Bu Nao | Supplement the Brain Pills | Cerebral Tonic Pills

Bu Nao | Supplement the Brain Pills | Cerebral Tonic Pills
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This patent pill formula is sold in two sizes—choose from—one bottle of 300 pills (that’s a 8-day supply) for $14.99, and we discount on a 60-day supply (8-bottles) for $119.92 ($14.99 + $104.93). Please use the above “description” button to make your choice.


Aka: Supplement the Brain Pills, Cerebral Tonic Pills

There are two basic types of memory loss. The first and more serious type, amnesia, is brought on by shock, hysteria, alcohol or drug use, or brain trauma. With amnesia, the storage and recall of information in long-term memory is impaired. Amnesia can also occur in some forms of psychiatric illness in which there is no apparent disease or physical damage. The second type of memory loss, is senile dementia (forgetfulness) and mainly affects the elderly.

As logic might dictate, traditional Chinese medicine’s method for treating memory loss is largely determined by the cause.  Some of the possible causes of amnesia are head injuries, including concussion resulting in temporary memory loss; degenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, causing a gradual yet permanent loss of memory; infections such as encephalitis, which can cause either temporary or permanent loss of memory; and brain tumors, strokes, and subarachnoid hemorrhage, which normally cause irreversible brain damage resulting in the permanent loss of memory.

We will provide daily dosage instructions when your order is fulfilled.

When amnesia is caused by damage or disease in areas of the brain concerned with memory function—except in cases where there is irreversible brain damage—memory loos is often temporary and can be restored by treating the underlying cause (such as mental fatigue, aging, or menopause).

The patent formula presented on this page Bu Nao Wan is aptly named Cerebral Tonic Pills; the herbal ingredients will nourish the brain and abate mental agitation and restlessness while it improves concentration and enhances memory function.  For best results we strongly recommend long-term continuous use.


Bu Nao—Ingredients:  Schisandra Chinensis Fruit, Ziziphus Jujuba Seed, Angelica Sinensis Root, Cynomorium Songaricum Herb, Juglans Regia Nut, Lycium Barbarum Fruit, Platycladus Orientalis Seed, Uncaria Rhynchophylla Vine And Polygala Tenuifolia Root.

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