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Yu Ping Feng Wan | Jade Screen Pills | Bottle | 玉屏风丸

Yu Ping Feng Wan | Jade Screen Pills | Bottle  |  玉屏风丸
Price: $22.99


Aka: Jade Screen Pills—Yu Ping Feng San is a potent Chinese formula that uses astragalus, atractylodes and ledebouriella to produce this valuable tool for re-building a weakened immune system.  It is especially useful in cases of chronic allergies or long-term illness. Yu Ping Feng Wan acts to enhance the resistance against pathogenic invaders. The formula name (Jade Screen) means it acts as a solid screen to protect the body. Yu Ping Feng Wan has shown to significantly reduce the frequency of the common cold as well as bacterial infection in the respiratory tract in people who have chronic bronchitis or children who are susceptible to the cold or flu. We will provide daily dosage instructions when your order is fulfilled. Long-term use is highly recommended.


Yu Ping Feng Wan—Ingredients:  Astragalus Membranaceus Root, Atractylodes Macrocephala Rhizome- Bran-Fried, Saposhnikovia Divaricata Root, Cassia Bark.





Note: From time to time the Plum Flower Brand version of this patent formula is out of stock. Rather than leave our customers hanging we will subsitute with the same prescription that's actually manufactured here in the USA, so its much easier to come by.  We've tested both products and the prescription's are the same as well as the healing abilities are the same.

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