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Fu Fang Du Zhong | Du Zhong Pian | Cortex Eucommiae Tablets | Bottle | 复方督中

Fu Fang Du Zhong | Du Zhong Pian | Cortex Eucommiae Tablets | Bottle    |    复方督中
Price: $26.99

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This patent pill formula is sold in one bottle of 80 pills (that’s a 5-day supply) for $26.99.


Aka: Du Zhong Pian, Cortex Eucommiae Tablets. Did you know that there are effective Chinese herbal remedies for treating high blood pressure and reducing cholesterol without causing side-effects? If there is one distinguishing feature that makes Chinese herbs worth considering—by anyone who suffers from hypertension—it’s the fact that (unlike Western medicine’s prescription medications) Chinese herbs do not cause the user to experience the undesirable side-effects associated with Western pharmaceutical remedies routinely prescribed for treating unhealthy blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. In conversations with customers who have finally made the decision to switch from Western medicine’s  prescription medications to Chinese herbal remedies, there is unanimous agreement that although they find  symptoms such as fatigue and urinary frequency troubling by far their chief complaints are issues such erectile dysfunction and the loss of libido, which are familiar side-effects associated with Western medications prescribed for treating  HBP (high blood pressure) and high cholesterol. This single symptom is an unacceptable but unavoidable consequence of Western medicine’s prescription treatment, and is hands-down one of the main reasons for the dramatic increase in the number of people who have begun to investigate herbal cures.

So, if you find yourself ready to make that change, we can help you.  Du Zhong Pian (aka Fu Fang Du Zhong) has an excellent reputation for successfully reducing high blood pressure/hypertension and lowering cholesterol levels by eliminating fatty lipids in the blood, which improves blood flow (circulation), and lowers blood pressure. It also contains ingredients that strengthen the kidneys. What’s special about this formula?  Du Zhong Pian has the distinction of being the most frequently used prescription used by traditional Chinese medicine in China for treating high blood pressure/hypertension/cholesterol and for good reason—because of its proven effectiveness. If you suffer from high blood pressure/hypertension and high cholesterol and are tired of suffering from the side–effects of conventional Western medical treatment, you owe it to yourself to try this formula; we honestly believe that it can be helpful!  Don’t forget… there are absolutely no side-effects! Acute and then long-term use is recommended.


Fu Fang Du Zhong—Ingredients:  Eucommia • Du Zhong, Uncaria • Gou Teng, Skullcap Root • Huang Qin, Heal-All Fruit • Xia Ku Cao.

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