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Bi Yan | Nose Inflammation Pills | Bottle | 鼻炎片

Bi Yan | Nose Inflammation Pills |  Bottle   |  鼻炎片
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This patent pill formula is sold in two sizes—choose from—one bottle of 100 pills (that’s a 5-day supply) for $12.99, and we discount on a 30-day supply (6-bottles) for $77.94 ($12.99 + $64.95).  Please use the above “description” button to make your choice.


Aka: Nose Inflammation Pills; Bi Yan is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine to "dispel wind and remove toxic heat from the nose." These pills are an effective herbal remedy for nasal congestion, runny nose, and cold and allergy symptoms.  It is successfully used to treat acute or chronic nasal congestion, allergies, runny nose due to common cold. The major herbal decongestants in this formula are magnolia flower (xin yi hua), angelica dahurica (bai zhi), and the herb xanthium (cang er zi). These three herbs are effective individually, but their synergistic effect upon the nasal passages and sinuses is quite remarkable. Complete dosage information will be provided with your order. Long-term (continuous) use is highly recommended.


Bi Yan—Ingredients:  Xanthium Sibiricum Fruit, Magnolia Biondi Flower, Forsythia Suspensa Fruit, Saposhnikovia Divaricata Root, Angelica Dahurica Root, Anemarrhena Asphodeloides Rhizome, Glycyrrhiza Uralensis Root, Schizonepeta Tenuifolia Herb, Chrysanthemum Indicum Flower, Schisandra Chinensis Fruit, Platycodon Grandiflorum Root Other Ingredients Sucrose, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Hypromellose.

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