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Ge Hua Jie Cheng San | The Hangover Remedy | Herb Kit | 宿醉補救

Ge Hua Jie Cheng San | The Hangover Remedy | Herb Kit   |   宿醉補救
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This potent herbal prescription is made from “High Grade Chinese Herbs” and is sold in two different forms of use (in dried herb kit or in powdered herb kit). When ordering choose from—a small herb kit (which contains approx. 125 grams and should last about 15 days) or a larger herb kit (which contains approx. 500 grams and should last about 60 days); be sure to select how you want your order filled either in dried herb kit or powdered herb kit, by using the above “description” button.

  • How to use? The preferred method of use is in powdered form; when powdered it can effectively be used to make pills, capsules, or simply add the powder to juice or a smoothie and drink like you would a power-shake. 
  • What’s the cost?  A 15-day raw herb kit is $39.99, and the cost for a 60-day herb kit is $159.96 ($39.99 + $119.97). Please use the above “description” button to make your choice.


The Hangover Remedy; whether you can drink the average person under the table or are simply an occasional social drinker, we’d like to share something with you that can be a game-changer when it comes to avoiding finding yourself and/or someone you care about from getting out of control or in a drunken stupor. It’s an effective Chinese herbal prescription that facilitates the body’s ability to breakdown alcohol and effectively relieves the symptoms of intoxication; though, it is best known for its ability to resolve drunkenness and quickly restore sobriety. It is also effective when used to relieve intoxication from drugs.The ancient prescription’s Chinese name is Ge Hua Jie Cheng San, and it is more commonly known by the illustrious title Pueraria Flower Powder for Detoxification and Awakening. We know, that’s a mouthful which is probably why many of our customers simply refer to it as “the Hangover Remedy.”The formula comes in powdered herb, which can be encapsulated or a small amount can be carried in a container, in a pocket, or purse, so that whenever you go out partying—you will be in control of your destiny. Our guess is that at one time or another; we’ve all had a too much to drink. Well, now you have the secret to how you can quickly get your head together—so that when you realize that you’ve begun to stagger, or become sick to your stomach, or the room starts spinning, and you need to sober up in a hurry—just take the Hangover Remedy and get yourself back in control, avoiding that hangover or any embarrassing or dangerous situations. One of the keys to a speedy recovery is replenishing body fluid by drinking large amounts of water.  Sweating either through physical exercise, sauna or hot tub, can also help to relieve the side-effects of hangover—by purging the body of residual toxins from excessive amounts of alcohol. Fluid consumption (drinking lots of water) is critical when sweating or purging in order to replenish the fluid that is being excreted through perspiration.

  • How to best use this formula?  Ge Hua Jie Cheng San can be effectively used three different ways 1) as a hangover rescue remedy to treat a hangover and relieve the nausea, stomachache, headache, diarrhea, dehydration, vertigo and lack of energy, 2) it can be taken over the long-term to relieve the symptoms associated with addiction (to alcohol or drugs), or 3) if you find yourself in an embarrassing or dangerous situation it can be taken to immediately bring you back to sobriety.
  • Can it safely be used to regain sobriety from drugs? While it is famous for its ability to resolve drunkenness and quickly restore sobriety. It is also effective when used to relieve intoxication from drugs.
  • How much to take?  This formula should be taken twice daily. The powder can be taken in several different ways...  Make a smoothie (by adding twenty to thirty grams of the powder to eight ounces of juice smoothie, mix well, and drink), or another approach is to add twenty to thirty grams of the powdered herbs to 00-size capsules, we will provide more details on dosage and usage recommendations with your order.


Ge Hua Jie Cheng San—Ingredients: Pueraria Flower • Ge Hua, Cluster • Bai Dou Kou, Cardamom • Sha Ren, Hoelen • Fu Ling, Atractylodes • Bai Zhu, Ginseng • Ren Shen, Alisma • Ze Xie, Polyporus • Zhu Ling, Citrus • Chen Pi, Blue Citrus • Qing Pi, Shen Chu • Shen Qu, Ginger • Gan Jiang, Saussureae • Mu Xiang.

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