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Ren Shen Hai Ma, raw form: herb kit 40 grams makes 1 jiu (medicinal wine)

Ren Shen Hai Ma, raw form: herb kit 40 grams makes 1 jiu (medicinal wine)
Price: $149.99



Aka: Ginseng Sea Horse Wine; a major combination, these two powerful herbs are often prescribed together for treating impotence as well as enhancing Taoist Sexual Practices. Seahorse (Hai Ma) increases Yang Chi and improves circulation. It is also said that regular use of Hai Ma prolongs erection of the penis. The other ingredient Ginseng is well known for its ability to nourish and increase the vital energy (Chi). Both herbs are major ingredients that have been used in Taoist Sexual Tonics and Longevity Elixirs for more than three thousand years.

Traditionally this raw herb formula is prepared into a medicinal wine; however, if consuming alcohol is an issue, then we suggest you powder the herbs and make capsules, pills, or add the powder to juice or a smoothie.  However, if you decide to powder the Hai Ma, understand going in that it is an extremely hard herb to finely powder.

We will provide complete step-by-step processing and daily dosage instructions when your order is fulfilled.

Note: The expense of this fomrula is based on the high cost of the herb Hai Ma.  Currently it's cost is greater than that of gold.

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