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Peter Chan’s Chan Ning Tong Iron Fist Jow Premade Dit Da Jow | 陈宁彤—铁身体 培训酒

Peter Chan’s Chan Ning Tong Iron Fist Jow Premade Dit Da Jow   |   陈宁彤—铁身体 培训酒
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This powerful dit da jow has been aged for two plus years, and is sold “premade” in two different sizes.  Choose between 8 and 16 ounce sized bottles.  The cost for the 8 ounce bottle is $65.98, and the 16 ounce bottle is $131.96 ($65.98 + $65.98). To purchase, click the above “Description" of what’s available device. Larger sized bottles of premade jow are available on special order (either 32 ounce or by the gallon).  Please contact us for a price quote.

陈宁彤—铁身体 培训酒

This is an exceptional iron palm formula, developed many years ago by the famed San Francisco herbalist, Peter Chan. It was originally formulated for the internationally known iron palmist Gene Chicoine. The Chan Ning Tong Iron Fist Jow combines thirty-one herbs (such as sang leng, jie xue teng, wei ling zhi, chai hu, lian fang, etc.) to produce a powerful training jow. One that is quite different from any other. Continued use of this formula will toughen the skin; strengthen the bones, and increases circulation of Blood and Chi. This Peter Chan formula is a highly effective combination of herbal ingredients designed for iron palm and martial arts training. It contains herbs famous for their ability to strengthen the tendons, ligaments, bones and sinews and it will relieve pain and swelling. This dit da jow should be used by rubbing the liquid into the hands, feet, arms and legs (do not rub into the torso or on the face/head).   This dit da jow should be applied before and after each workout.  Allow the jow to fully penetrate and remain on the body for 30 minutes prior to washing it off.  

This formula is for external application only—do not use internally!

Note: Our dit da jow and liniment formulas come in two different forms, ready-to-use (already prepared and aged) or those that you must prepare into a jow. On this page you will find access to the premade dit da jow, however, if you’d prefer to make the jow yourself click to this page: Dit-Da-Jows-and-Iron-Palm-311


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