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Ginseng Cooker | choose by cup capacity

Ginseng Cooker | choose by cup capacity
Price: $35.99

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This product is currently on backorder from China.  Please contact us prior to purchasing to confirm availablity.  Mail:

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Our porcelain ginseng cooker is sold in two sizes—choose from—a 5-cup or 10-cup cooker. The cost for a 5-cup cooker is $35.99 and the cost for a 10-cup cooker is $43.99 ($35.99 + $8.00). Due to the heavy weight of these cookers a $19.99 shipping fee must be applied. Please use the above "add-on" and “description” buttons to make your choice.


To experience the full-effect of ginseng we suggest preparing it in the traditional way using a porcelain ginseng cooker. Use this ceramic cooker as the main vessel, place it in a double-boiler and produce a more robust, full bodied, potent brew.

Anyone who uses ginseng owes it to himself or herself to check-out this ginseng cooker.

We will provide easy to follow step-by-step cooking instructions with our order. And, we have easy to follows processing instructions available on this website -- use the herb processing instruction link ginseng processing instructions, or read the below information.

Using a Ginseng Cooker

Place the Ginseng inside the Ginseng cooker and pour in several cups of water, using enough water to reach the bottom of the line inside the cooker. Put the lid on the cooker, and place it into a larger pan of water. The water level in the outer pan should reach the bottom of the handles on the ginseng cooker. Turn on the burner and bring the water in the pan to a boil. Turn down the heat under the pan, and let the water simmer until half the water has cooked away. Fill the outer pan up again to the bottom of the cooker’s handles, and bring to a boil.   After the water comes to a boil, lower the heat and simmer. This process is repeated over and over again, for as long as you want to cook your Ginseng.

How long should you Cook Ginseng?

At the very least 90 minutes, and most people cook it for about 3 hours. There are others who believe in cooking it until the Ginseng breaks apart, which can take as much as 18-24 hours, producing  a strong, thick, and potent brew. After completion of this cooking process, traditionally the Ginseng root is consumed – as well as the remaining liquid (or Ginseng tea).

*Due to the heavy weight of the porcelain cooker we must pass along a shipping fee. Free shipping is not available on this product. Please click the above "add on" button at purchase and the shipping fee will be applied.

Note: The design on this cooker (the fish) is only one of many different design patterns printed on this product.  Types of designs are: birds, fish, flowers, etc. If the design matters to you, please contact the office to confirm current inventory prior to purchase. Otherwise we will ship whatever pattern/design is currently in stock.


Cooker—Porcelain Ginseng Cooker—Material this product is made from: 100% Porcelain cookware. This cooker is made from fine, white clay, known as kaolin. The cookware is smooth and a translucent white, very strong and especially useful in the kitchen because of being non-porous, non-stick, and dishwasher safe.  

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