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Chinese Ginseng from Jilin-Kirin region of China | Graded Good | Whole Roots | 中国人参吉林

Chinese Ginseng from Jilin-Kirin region of China | Graded Good | Whole Roots  |   中国人参吉林
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These are the best quality Chinese Ginseng Roots from the Jilin (aka Kirin) Region of China.  These roots are rated good and are sold by the full-pound, in either raw root form, sliced or powdered herb. 


Aka: Kirin Ginseng, or Ginseng Jilin/Kirin; Jilin ginseng is the most sought after ginseng in all of China, it is grown in the famous Jilin (or can be pronounced Kirin) mountains. It is renowned throughout Asia as one of the best Ginseng roots grown in China. We carry high-quality eight-year whole roots. If you are trying to compare the different roots that we offer on our site—Korean and American grown ginseng vs the Jilin roots—for strength, power, and energy enhancement ability, then let us repeat something we’ve mentioned before:

Guidelines for Choosing Cultivated Ginseng—After trying Ginseng in a variety of different forms we have found, the first thing you need to know is the source of the root, or where it was grown. North Korean Ginseng, which is somewhat scarce and quite expensive, is considered some of the best. This is followed by South Korean Red Ginseng which can also be somewhat expensive, but as quality declines becomes more affordable. Then there is Chinese Kirin, which is readily available and cheaper but less potent than Korean Ginseng. And finally American Ginseng, which is normally cheaper and less stimulating than Asian Ginseng. These roots can be used to prepare a medicinal wine (aged in alcohol), or brewed into tea or cooked in a ginseng cooker.  We will provide complete step-by-step processing instructions when your order is fulfilled.

Preparing Ginseng—After purchasing the raw Ginseng root you have two options. You may either make a medicinal wine, which is the preferred method for many Ginseng connoisseurs, or a decoction. Detailed instructions for making medicinal wine may be found by clicking on methods of preparation. For those of you who prefer decocting their Ginseng, we strongly recommend you consider using what is known as a “Ginseng cooker.” Ginseng cookers are a way of preparing Ginseng tea that conserves the subtle properties of the root. This traditional method involves the use of a double boiler, which is known to produce a more robust, full- bodied and potent brew. When Ginseng is prepared in this manner, many of the essential nutrients of the Ginseng, which normally dissipate in steam, are preserved. An added benefit of this method is that because the tea remains below the boiling point, photo-nutrients are retained that would otherwise be lost by boiling. Detailed instructions for preparing Ginseng in a Ginseng cooker can be found by clicking on this “Herb Processing Instructions” link:


Chinese Ginseng—from Jilin-Kirin Region of China—Ingredients: Panax ginseng 100% pure with no additives or fillers. 

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