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Premade Dit Da Jow | Sample Packs | 跌打酒—样品包

Premade Dit Da Jow | Sample Packs   |   跌打酒—样品包
Price: $56.99

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To Purchase Premade Dit Da Jow—Sample Packs:  

Each of the sample packs available have been priced at $56.99; when making your purchase please use the above “Description” tool to indicate which sample pack you want.  Next use the “Qty” tool to indicate how many you wish to purchase.  Then click “Add to Cart.” If you'd like to make a multiple purchase (such as one external legends sample pack "and" an internal legends sample pack)  add each to your cart as a separate entity; not together. If this is confusing in any way, please give us a call, we’re here to help.

For a limited time only…”The choice is yours”

Choose any three jows that you want and not be limited by the sample packs available on this page; we are making this offer for a short-term -- to mix-n-match whichever 3 jows you want in your unique sample pack “or” pick one of our existing sample packs. Use the “Description” tool to select which sample pack you want.  If you decide to choose 3 unique jows to make-up your own pack, please use the “Comments” section in our shopping cart to enter in the names of the jows you have selected. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call or email the office.

At the very bottom of this page is a list of all the premade dit da jows that are available in this offer.

Sample Our Premade Dit DaJows


A question that we’re frequently asked by our customers is, “can you tell me which one of your premade dit da jows is best for conditioning the hands and/or training the iron palm?”   Seems like a reasonable question, right… Well, the truth of the matter is that there’s no simple answer—because all of our jows have different qualities and the selection of which jow to use should be based on your ultimate goal and the style of martial arts practiced. Some jows harden the bones, toughen the skin and prevent blood clots, while others focus on increasing the flow of Chi (energy) to the upper extremities.  Each one has its own idiosyncrasies with subtle but different characteristics that make the jow suitable for one person but not necessarily another. Finding the answer to the question often requires careful evaluation of several different jows and after going through a process of elimination, carefully choosing the jow that perfectly suits one’s needs. Which to say the least can certainly be an expensive process. To assist you in the meticulous process of discovering exactly which dit da jow works best for you (before you settle and make a financial commitment)—we’re offering a choice from three types of our best premade dit da jows that have been put into three different sample packs  (each containing three different bottles of four-ounce premade dit da jows).  We wanted to give you as many varieties as possible to test the different types of premade jows available, therefore we’ve grouped our premade jows into four distinct groups and made sure each group represented the best legendary jows within that category … available at an affordable price so that you can try them and make your selection based on practical experience.  

Here is what we have available for sampling:

Sample Pack #1 — Our External Legends—These three jows represent the best classical old master Kung Fu dit da jows used for a wide variety of styles as well as iron palm training:

  • Bak Fu Pai’s Coconut Break | Premade
  • Peter Chan’s Chan Ning Tong Iron Fist Jow | Premade
  • Tiger Exits the Forest Dit Da Jow | Shaolin Die Da Shen Liang Fan | Premade

Like to know more about each of these external legends jows?  The Bak Fu Pai's Coconut Break iron palm dit da jow is widely used by White Tiger Kung Fu practitioners. The formula was created by Fung Doe Duck the chief fighting abbot of the Shaolin Temple. This Peter Chan formula is quite different from any other; a highly effective combination of herbal ingredients designed for iron palm and martial arts training. It contains herbs famous for their ability to strengthen the tendons, ligaments, bones and sinews and it will relieve pain and swelling. Lastly, the Tiger Exits the Forest Jow is used by Shaolin Monks for treating broken or fractured bones with serious bruising. It is highly valued for treating injuries sustained during hand conditioning and iron palm practice. It will heal bruises, contusions, fractures and broken bones.

Sample Pack #2 —​ Our Internal Legends—These three famous jows were developed hundreds of years ago for internal styles like Ba Gua Zhang, Xing Yi Quan, Tai Chi Chuan, and Ye Quan.

  • Golden Lotus 6th Century Buddhist | Premade
  • Mew Hing’s Clouds in Heaven Jow | Premade
  • Shaolin Wu Xiang Jow | Premade

Like to know more about our internal legends jows?  This Golden Lotus dit da jow is a 6th Century A.D. prescription that emanates from an ancient Buddhist manuscript; it is revered by Internal Kung Fu practitioners, such as Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Ba Gua, Iron Palm/Fist, etc.  The Mew Hing Clouds in Heaven Jow is a legendary formula that is considered a “martial lineage formula” associated with the Chinese System known as the Eighteen Taoist Palms; the jow is used for Roller Bar, Grab Bag, Wooden Dummy and Iron Palm Training. Lastly, the Shaolin Wu Xiang Jow is a famous prescription in Buddhist medicine, and as its name implies can be traced back to the Shaolin Monastery, where it was one of several preferred jows used by the Shaolin Monks for treating personal injuries involving soft tissues.

Sample Pack # 3 — Serpentine Jows—This final sample group provides the best of the best.  These three jows all contain the powerful pit viper white snake as well as many potent zoological herbal ingredients. And, all of these jows are simply amazing.

  • Feeman Ong's Big Hand Jow | Premade
  • Ho Chun’s Advanced Hand Conditioning Jow | Premade
  • Tit Jeung Dit Da Jow–Hung Gar Style Jow | Premade

Like to know more about our Serpentine Jows?  The Feeman Ong Big Hand formula is a rare prescription that is reputed to have been created by the Shaolin stylist and legendary Grandmaster of the Kuan Ying Do System (the way of the honorable master) Master Feeman Ong, whose skills also included Tai Chi, Ba Gua and acupuncture. His knowledge of Chinese Herbology was indeed exceptional, and this particular formula is a fine example of his skill. The Ho Chun's Advanced Hand Conditioning formula is a powerful iron palm liniment and is recommended for use by Iron Palmists who have reached the training level of Third Level (Steel). This Ho family formula was developed many years ago and has become extremely popular among internal martial artists, such as Ba Gua practitioners. The last jow Tit Jeung Hung Gar Jow is considered by many to possibly be the strongest prescription associated with the Hung Gar System; the extraordinary strength of the formula is attributed to large amounts of very potent ingredients including white snake pit viper.

What makes our premade jows the finest hit medicine?

  • Our prescriptions are authentic, their linage is 100% accurate and we stake our reputation on it,
  • We only use premium grade herbs in their preparation because we know that the quality of the ingredients that are used influence a jows potency,
  • We understand the importance of using fresh ingredients because we know that when herbs are used that are past their prime, the jow will be weaker and less effective,
  • All of our jows are properly aged; we do not cut corners on the aging process because we know that the longer a jow is aged the more potent it will be. As a matter of fact, many of our “top shelf” or premium jows are aged underground for many years,
  • We consider aging or storing dit da jow in plastic containers a sacrilege because we know that the quality and effectiveness of a dit da jow is compromised by the chemical changes that occur when they’re kept in plastic containers.

Our persistence in conforming to these high standards is reflected in all of our pre-made dit da jow which allows us to proudly declare that we produce the best dit da jow that money can buy…You’ve tried the rest now try the best.      

Note... All of the jows discussed above are available in larger bottles of premade "or" in an herb kit (with easy to understand processing instructions) so that you can make the jow yourself.  If you'd rather purchase a larger quanity of premade jow, click this link:  dit-da-jow-premade-jows-316   "Or" if you'd rather purchase the raw herb kit to make your own dit da jow, click this link: Dit-Da-Jow-Iron-Palm-Liniments-and-Dit-Da-Jows-311

      ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦

"The Choice is Yours" ordering is easy; simply choose three from the list below:

19-Ingredients All-Purpose Liniment | Premade | Dit Da Jow

Bak Fu Pai’s Coconut Break | Premade | Dit Da Jow

Bei Hsing Chuan Iron Palm Jow | Premade | Dit Da Jow

Cao Chong's Liniment | Premade | Dit Da Jow

Feeman Ong's Big Hand Jow | Premade | Dit Da Jow

Golden Lotus 6th Century Buddhist | Premade | Dit Da Jow

Grandmaster Wei’s Eight-Step Praying Mantis Style | Premade | Dit Da Jow

Ho Chun’s Advanced Hand Conditioning Jow | Premade | Dit Da Jow

Indonesian Balur Silat Oil | Premade | Dit Da Jow

Mew Hing’s | Clouds in Heaven Jow | Premade | Dit Da Jow

Peter Chan’s | Chan Ning Tong Iron Fist Jow | Premade | Dit Da Jow Jow | Premade Hand Conditioner Jow | Premade Iron Palm Jow 

Shaolin Nam Pai Iron Leg Gong Jow | Premade | Dit Da Jow

Shaolin Wu Xiang Jow | Premade | Dit Da Jow

Tiger Exits the Forest | Shaolin Die Da Shen Liang Fan | Premade | Dit Da Jow

Tit Jeung Jow-Hung Gar Style | Premade | Dit Da Jow

White Crane Hand Conditioner | Premade | Dit Da Jow

White Tiger Iron Palm Jow | Premade | Dit Da Jow

Wing Chun Style Jow | Premade | Dit Da Jow

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