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Vaginal Yeast Infection and Discharge Treatment


What is considered a normal amount of vaginal discharge varies considerably among women. The amount and nature of the discharge can be influenced by different times in the menstrual cycle, sexual stimulation, pregnancy, or taking birth control pills.  Discharge is considered abnormal when it is excessive, smells “off,” is yellow or green in color, or causes itching.  Most often, vaginal discharge fitting this description is associated with vaginitis, candidiasis, or trichomoniasis.

In a majority of cases, TCM treatment for abnormal vaginal discharge would involve the use of antibiotics and antifungal Chinese herbal formula to treat infection. Candida Albicans—also known as thrush, yeast infection, and moniliasis—is a fungal infection that affects mucus membrane, such as the mouth, or the moist skin of the vagina.  The genitals of sex partners can also be infected. Vaginal candidiasis normally produces a thick discharge, which may cause discomfort when urinating.  Certain conditions notably diabetes, hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy, and taking birth control pills are believed to encourage growth of the fungus, creating higher degree of susceptibility. While our formulas can be used for immediate relief from infection symptoms, for best results long-term use is highly recommended.

For chronic cases, use of the two formulas (shown below) for a 30-day period may be necessary to completely resolve the infection.  For additional information refer to the book Chinese Herbal Medicine Made Easy.

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Chien Chin Chih Tai | Stop Yeast Infection Pills    |   简进之泰
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Yu Dai Wan | Vaginal Infection Treatment | Bottle  |  玉带丸—治疗阴道感染
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