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Stop Smoking Treatment

Stopping smoking doesn't need to be hard!

Chinese herbs can help you in the struggle with addiction. Why use a drug to stop those cravings? Do it the natural way. Fight the psychological and physical dependence with the help of an army of herbs. We will help you, as long as you can do the hard part.

Despite reports that nearly one third of the US population has been successfully treated with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, or both; it still remains a little known fact that in addition to treating practically every disease known to man, Chinese Herbology also has a long history of success treating addiction in its various forms.  In fact, traditional Chinese medicine's use of herbal formulas for treating smoking opium and alcohol addiction can be traced back thousands of years.

In more modern times, Chinese herbalists have borrowed from the repository of prescriptions used by their ancient predecessors for treating opium addiction, and are using these same classical herbal formulas to treat modern day addictions. Here at we use the same Chinese herbal formulas that have proven successful in eliminating cravings and dramatically reducing withdrawal symptoms.

If you are motivated to quit, and are willing to use herbal formulas continuously for 6-12 weeks, then we have the herbs that will reduce withdrawal symptoms and detoxify your body of impurities.

Is it hard to stop smoking? The simple answer is that is doesn't have to be.  Chinese herbal therapy can take that desire you already have to stop smoking and make it work for you, helping you to change... helping you to stop smoking successfully.

While these formulas can be used for immediate relief from withdrawal symptoms, for best results long-term use is highly recommended.

Note: If you have a persistent smoker’s cough, try the cough relief formulas found in the “sore throat section,”  here's the link:

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