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Tieh Ta Ke Martial Arts Dojo First Aid Kit

Tieh Ta Ke Martial Arts Dojo First Aid Kit
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The use of Chinese herbal medicine for treating the occupational injuries that are an unavoidable consequence of martial arts training is an ancient tradition that until recently had been passed down from one generation to the next.  For the ancient martial artists many of whom earned their income through mercenary activities, prizefighting, and teaching their art -- the speedy and complete resolution of any physical disabilities was a matter of grave concern. 

Prompted by a loss of income and the possibility of retribution from enemies, training in the effective use of botanical medicine along with Tieh Ta Ke techniques was an essential part of advanced martial training. The list of possible injuries included anything from serious combat wounds such as incisions from bladed weapons, blunt trauma, and empty hand strikes, to the minor sore muscles, and strained ligaments that were more or less considered an unavoidable consequence of daily training.

Adjunctive injury management skills included bone-setting, and the use of poisons that could be used for healing as well as killing. Many of the herbal prescriptions developed by these ancient warriors have become a permanent part of the branch of traditional Chinese medicine commonly referred to as Tieh Ta Ke or “Hit Medicine.” Although this tradition is still carried on today, it is to a far lesser degree simply because many modern practitioners do not possess Tieh Ta skills!

This is in stark contrast to generations past when possessing injury management skills which included basic herbal knowledge was considered such an important feature of advanced training, that a lack of Tieh Ta ability undermined the credibility of anyone claiming to be a master of the martial arts. Tieh Ta Ke techniques were practiced by martial artists as diverse as Shaolin monks, Samari warriors, and Chinese Imperial guardsmen.  Many of the traditional formulas that they designed and tested in the field were developed specifically for martial arts injuries.  Their knowledge, much of which was acquired through pain and suffering as a result of trial and error, once perfected was then passed on to each succeeding generation.  We encourage the use of these herbal pharmaceuticals based on traditional Chinese medicine’s assertion that their use is important even in seemingly minor traumatic injuries in order to avoid long-range harm.  A familiar long range complication of an old injury is arthritis, as well as a host of other structural deformities that are all too often a result of improper healing -- due to faulty injury management!

If you are interested in incorporating Chinese herbs as an injury management tool in your Kwoon or Dojo we offer an herbal first aid kit that contains formulas that were originally developed by the Shaolin Monks to stop bleeding, heal broken bones and fractures, torn and strained ligaments and tendons. 

These are Classical Shaolin formulas from the Shaolin Si Mi Fang Ji Jin (Highlights of the Shaolin Monastery’s Secret Formulas). We also offer four patent formulas that include massage oils and liniments that should be used to treat the minor aches and pains that are a result of daily workouts. For more information on the formulas in our first aid kit, we suggest that you read our newsletter on the Tieh Ta Ke Kit which can be found under the “Educational Information” link (at the bottom of this website page). 

This Tieh Ta Ke First Aid Kit includes: Shaolin Zhi Xue San, Shaolin Unstoppable Bleeding Powder, Shaolin Jie Gu Tang, Shaolin Shuang Jin Gu Dan, Yunnan Bai Yao, Zheng Gu Shui, Tieh Ta Yao Gin, & Woodlock Balm.

We will provide complete step-by-step processing and daily dosage instructions when your order is fulfilled.

Don't forget!

  • If you want the 4 "raw herb" prescriptions in this kit to be powdered, be sure to check the "Add On" box before purchasing to add the $10.00 powdering fee. 
  • Apply coupon NEWS10 at check-out to receive a 10% discount on this item.

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