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Lu Rong Sliced | Cervus nippon

Lu Rong Sliced | Cervus nippon
Price: $99.99

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Our Lu Rong is medicinal grade herb and is available in the raw herb form or powdered; use the above "add-on" button to make your choice.

On this page our Lu Rong is sold by the ounce; the above listed price is not a pound price.  If you wish to purchase a pound, that is available for $925.99, to purchase a pound use the above "description" of what's available button. To clarify: the price for one ounce is $99.99, and the price for one pound is $925.99 ($99.99 + $826.00). 

We also have Lu Rong Horn (unsliced deer antler) available for purchase.  The price of this product fluctuates frequently, depending on the season of the year, and the quality of the horn and availability -- please double-check for our current price before ordering. Either call or send an email to


Quality Note: 

We provide the highest quality medicinal grade available in this product.  Our deer antler always contains dark blood, with velvet, and it was harvested in the rutting season so that it contains a healthy hit of testosterone.  These are small slices cut from near the tip of the antler about the size of a dime or slightly larger -- the best you can buy anywhere.  Perhaps, you might find it cheaper somewhere else, but the quality level will not be the same nor will the effects be as powerful -- never doubt what we have here is the REAL THING ... we guarantee that. The folks @


Pinyin name: Lu Rong

Aka: deer antler

Source: Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing

English name:  deer antler, hairy deer horn, hairy antler

Zoological name: cervus nippon

Pharmaceutical name: cornu cervi pantotrichum

Properties: sweet, salty, warm

Channels entered: liver, kidney

Chinese therapeutic actions: tonifies the kidney yang, replenishes kidney jing (essence), nourishes blood, ren (conception) and chong (thoroughfare) channels, strengthens sinews and bones, heals chronic yin sores and boils


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