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Have you checked out our Taoist Herbal Prescriptions?

Have you checked out our Taoist Herbal Prescriptions?

Have you visited our new website yet?

You really should check out the “Taoist Herbal Prescriptions” menu button which will take you to categories of  interest specifically developed for martial artists and those interested in advancing their personal & physical development. You’ll find…Longevity Tonics formulas such as Live 100 Years Tonic and the famous Two Immortals medicinal wine, that are well known for their ability to extend the lifespan of the followers of Taoist Health Practices. For those of you who are unaware, the Taoist tradition of using Chinese herbs as an adjunct to dietary practices, meditation and internal exercises, to maintain health and live exceptionally long lives has been written about in both ancient and modern texts. In order to insure a long healthy life, Taoist used herbal formulas daily; to revitalize the whole body, preventing disease, and insuring longevity.

For meditation enthusiasts we have the Meditation & the Martial Arts subcategory. If there is one feature of martial arts training that exemplifies its divine qualities it’s the practice of meditation. Although it is best known for its prominent role in asceticism, mysticism and Eastern religion, the timeless practice also has a well-established relationship with the fighting arts.  We offer you a choice of eight herbal formulas that can be used to enhance the effects of your meditation, including the  powerful Yuan Qi Elixir.

For those looking for information on how Taoist Sexology  is used in the Martial Arts refer to the Sexual Conservation  subcategory.  Here we will discuss the  custom of regulating sexual activity, which simply means controlling how often one engages in sex, which is a practice that has been carried on for countless generations by Chinese adepts. The little-known esoteric practice by  no mere coincidence is also representative of one of Taoist Sexology’s important underlying principles.  Often  devout followers of Taoist philosophy, many of the staunchest advocates of controlled sexual frequency were also martial artists. The eccentric sexual habits of these ancient warriors was based on the Taoist belief that long-life, enhanced Chi levels, and  increased strength and endurance are all advanced by controlling or otherwise  conserving one’s sexual energy. The argument for exercising sexual restraint is further supported by some of Kung Fu’s most renowned figures who claim that it is the strict management of sexual energy – sometimes   referred to as “preserving the essence” that is the source for the extraordinary feats of strength that have become a permanent part of martial arts lore.

Finally, we delve into herbs that are used in Taoism for Treating Sexual Dysfunction. Taoist believes that excessive discharges have a deleterious effect on one’s sexual functioning as well as their overall health.  According to Taoist teaching limiting the number of discharges of this vital fluid provides substantial benefits. Chief among them are delaying the aging process, lifelong sexual empowerment and increased physical and mental power. In this subcategory we present several  formulas used in Taoist practices including the famed General Yang Seng, Seven Seeds, and Wu Zi Bu Shen.

For those that want to read more about Chinese Herbs, Taoist Practices and the Martial Arts click on the “Literature” menu button.  There you’ll find a link to “Taoist Herbal Practices” information, which has articles on the martial arts including: Is Conserving Jing Chi the Key to Increased Strength and Endurance (an article published in, a discussion on herbs that are used in the Taoist Practice of Sexual Conservation, as well as herbs used to repair the effects of sexual overindulgence, plus information on Taoist Formulas used to Quiet the Senses during Meditation, and information on how to properly meditate, finally a detailed description on all of the Taoist Herbal products sold at

We hope you enjoy the experience and we would love to hear back from you with any feedback.

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