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Have you visited our Martial Training category?

Have you visited our Martial Training category?

Have you visited our new website yet? You must go check out the new “Martial Training” menu button which will take you to 17 different categories of interest which were specifically developed for martial artists who want to improve their training. You’ll find…

Injury management formulas that are used to heal blunt force trauma, broken bones, hand injuries, and herbal liniments/ dit da jows used to heal training injuries; we have the famous Jin Gu Jia Wan formula that increases flexibility, massage oils and balms to ease those sore and tired muscles, herbs that will restore consciousness after a knockout, herbs used to stop bleeding, and an exclusively developed Tieh Ta Ke Kit (first aid kit for your dojo) which is certainly an essential tool for your dojo.

For iron palm practitioners we have over 30 iron palm jows (do‐it‐yourself kits), plus the famous ready‐made iron palm and hand conditioner jows which now come in five different sizes (bottles ranging from 4 ounces to one gallon), as well as the Triple Dragon Ministerial Hand Conditioning System for those wanting to use a traditional three‐step conditioning system.

Check out the last 3 categories that focus on training wines, we have herbal formulas that increase stamina and strengthen the body that are made from Lu Rong and Ren Shen, and potent Chi Tonics that will increase energy, power and focus — including the powerful Shaolin Tiger Fighting Elixir, and don’t miss our Winter and Summer Training Wines that will keep your body functioning at optimum levels throughout the year.

For those that want to read more about Chinese Herbs and the Martial Arts click on the “Literature” menu button. There you’ll find a link to “martial arts” information, which has several articles on the martial arts including: Injury Management – No Pain – No Gain, a discussion on Herbal Liniments and how to use them, plus information on how training formulas can be used to increase vital energy, and details on training the iron palm together with Iron Fist 101 (an article published in, and finally a thorough description on all of the martial arts products sold at We hope you enjoy the experience and we would love to hear back from you with any feedback.

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