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Treating Injuries: Improve Flexibility with Jin Gu Jia

Use Jin Gu Jia to increase flexibility, as well as increase power and strength

No matter what style they practice most martial artists would agree that making the body flexible, limber, and supple, enabling them to stretch with ease, is one of their greatest assets. The importance of becoming both strong and limber is exemplified in the well-known physiological equation (F x S = P) flexibility times speed equals power.

Practitioners of Chinese martial arts have always recognized the importance of making their bodies subtle and flexible in order to become proficient in Kung Fu and minimize the strains, sprains and contusions that are an inherent part of training. A key component of their injury avoidance strategy is the attention that is given to attaining maximum flexibility by following a well-designed systematic stretching regimen.  According to traditional guidelines, beginners and mid-level martial artists are advised to stretch a minimum of once a day three to five days per week to maintain flexibility, while higher level dedicated practitioners have been known to stretch as much as two to three times per day, six or seven days a week. Herbal support that enhances the effectiveness of the stretching regimen is provided when Taoist formulas such as the legendary prescription Jin Gu Jia which is well known for its ability to nourish the sinews and increase synovial fluid in the joints, are taken in addition to performing the daily stretching routine. 

Jin Gu Jia  will nourish and replenish synovial fluids. It lubricates the joints, ligaments, and tendons making it a valuable tool for martial artists or any athlete who wants to improve circulation in the lower extremities. This improved circulation increases flexibility as well as strengthening the sinews and joints.

We recommend using this formula for a minimum of 60 to 90-days, but the longer it is used the deeper the healing will be.

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Jin Gu Jia | Golden Relic Flexibility Formula | Herb Kit
This potent flexibility enhancement herbal prescription is sold in two sizes—choose from—one herb ki..

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