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Pe Min Kan, patent pill formula: bottle 100 pills = 7 day supply

Pe Min Kan, patent pill formula: bottle 100 pills = 7 day supply
Price: $11.99


Aka: Nose Allergy Pills, or Bi Min Gan Wan

Pe Min Kan Wan is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat inflammation of the sinuses, or sinusitis as it is clinically known, which is most often caused by infection spreading to the sinuses from the nose.

Less commonly, sinuses can become inflamed or infected as a result of an allergic reaction (e.g., hay fever), an abscess in an upper tooth, or a severe facial injury.  Stuffy nose, throbbing pain, fever, pus in the affected sinuses, and copious nasal discharge are all common symptoms. 

Chinese medicine offers one particular flower remedy for treating sinus infection from any of these causes. Pe Min Kan Wan will stop headaches and eliminate inflammation, relieve runny nose, stuffy nose, the sneezing associated with common cold, flu, and allergies. 

Some have combined the use of Pe Min Kan with Bi Yan Pian for an excellent one-two-punch that knocks out the infection.

Complete dosage information will be provided with your order.

Long-term (continuous) use is highly recommended.

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