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  • Stop Smoking Aids
  • Stress Relief
  • (Anti-Aging) Tonics
  • Weight Loss
  • Yeast Infection


    At Shaolin; is the name given to the Buddhist temple where the seeds of martial arts where planted in 600 BC — in the Sung Mountains of the Henan province.


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    Medicinal Wines that Strengthen the Body & Increase Stamina


    Well known for their ability to strengthen the body and increase stamina, the following formulas must be prepared traditionally in the Jiu method. Unlike some of the other tonic formulas these must be used over extended periods of time to experience the desired effects.



    This Jiu is a potent training formula that nourishes the yin body fluids, the chi, the blood and the essence. Recommended for use during the Summer-Spring months only. (use for 6 months)

    180 gm pk makes one Jiu Item # 82W $40.00
    4 packs makes 4 Jiu Item # 82W4 $144.00


    This formula is famous for its bone-strengthening ability. It circulates the blood and chi in addition to fortifying the immune system (Wei Chi). Recommended for use during the Fall-Winter months only. (use for 6 months)

    75 gm pk makes one Jiu Item # 84W $35.00
    4 packs makes 4 Jiu Item # 84W4 $126.00



    Victor Sydney, from Toronto, Canada says…

    I recently began reading the book the Warrior as Healer by Sifu Thomas Richard Joiner. Please convey my thanks and congratulations for his work which is thorough yet simple to understand.




    Will powerfully tonify the vital energy as well as strengthen the bones, joints, and lower back, while it increases your bone density. (use 90+ days)

    20 gm pk makes one Jiu Item # 77W $35.00
    4 packs makes 4 Jiu Item # 77W4 $126.00


    Will also powerfully tonify the vital energy, but it has a stronger effect on increasing testosterone levels; its bone-strengthening capabilities are minor in comparison. (use 90+ days)

    20 gm pk makes one Jiu Item # 79W $35.00
    4 packs makes 4 Jiu Item # 79W4 $126.00












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